Made in Chelsea season 17 will return to our screens towards on Monday, March 25th.

After eight years of brilliant TV, with a cast that we all know and love, series 17 will introduce a whole new wave of young, rich and fabulous castmembers to SW3.

Here are the essentials you need to know about Made in Chelsea newbie Verity Scarlett Bowditch.

Made in Chelsea season 17 (L-R): Ollie Buck, Amelia Mist, Angus Findlay, Maeva D’Ascanio, Verity Scarlett Bowditch, Freddie Brown and Rosi Mai Waldon.

Verity is a brainiac

Verity graduated from university in 2016.

She graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Biomedical Science.

KCL is ranked in the top 25 universities worldwide and one of the toughest to get into – this is one clever cookie!

She works in sales

According to her LinkedIn, Verity now works as a sales executive and account manager for London-based company Fonix LED.

Her clients include the likes of Body Power, Health-on-line, Waitrose, Oath and The Telegraph.

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Gimmi some muah

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Verity is actually from Dorset

Like many of the new cast members, Verity isn’t London-born and bred, but from a small village in Dorset called Owermoigne.

She regularly posts pictures on her Instagram of her life in London, but her love for countryside living is clear.

Her mum, Denise also posts lots of photos of Verity enjoying life in Owermoigne to her Instagram, @denisebowditch5555. 

Verity’s sport is very MIC

Ever the toff, Verity is a fan of the equestrian kind.

Her family appear to have lots of animals at their country home, including adorable sheep and ponies.

Verity even plays polo!

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My lil pony 💜

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She’s James Taylor’s ex…

James Taylor has been a cast member since 2017 and has had his fair share of romances with the likes of Tiffany Watson and Toff.

It seems like James and Verity didn’t leave things on good terms and her joining the cast might cause a stir.

In the wild west themed promo for season 17, she is hammering a ‘Wanted: James Taylor’ sign on to a post. With James looking on sheepishly.



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