Made in Chelsea star Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo is enjoying a strong run of camera time in the latest E4 series.

Season 17 of Mic has seen Habbs move on from her previous drama with ex-boyfriend Sam Thompson, taking centre stage in the storylines that involved Miles Nazaire, James Taylor and the string of newbies.

She’s also been rumoured to be dating Jamie Laing, following his recent split with Heloise Agostinelli. Here’s everything you need to know about Habbs!



What’s Sophie’s job?

Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo is supposedly a full-time social media influencer.

What a social media influencer does is very much beyond us, especially considering Habbs’ Instagram following is only 160,000 – the cast of Love Island 2019 will hit those figures within a week!

Sophie models and plugs brands on her Instagram, which is how she makes money. Although, we have a suspicion she also has some rich parents, alike most MIC cast members.

How old is Habbs?

Habbs is 25 years old, with her 26th birthday on October 19th.

She graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in media, communications and cultural studies.

Of course, she then moved to London… we couldn’t exactly see her smashing kebabs with Charlotte Dawson on Geordie Shore.


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She is Alex Mytton’s ex!

Habbs was dating Made in Chelsea regular Alex Mytton throughout series 14, although their relationship fizzled out over December 2017.

Alex told The Sun:

We are kind of just friends. Over Christmas it fizzled out.

Habbs also dated fellow cast member Sam Thompson across series 15 and 16 before that broke down.

Sam Thompson and Jamie Laing?

Reports from The Sun have suggested that Habbs and Jamie Laing have had a secret relationship.

Following J’s split with Heloise in mid-April, the tabloid newspapers say that Habbs and Jamie hooked up for a fling or two.

However, there is little evidence or confirmation from either MIC star’s to back this up.

As it stands Habbs isn’t dating anyone.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Jamie Laing

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Jamie Laing

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Jamie Laing

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 Jamie Laing

Habbs’ has a lil’ sister!

Habbs isn’t an only child and has one older sister named Georgia!

Georgia Habboo is a makeup artist – visit her Instagram MUA page @georgiahabboomua.

Georgia has over 1,600 followers on her personal Insta too – @georgiahabboo.



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