Jamie Laing has confirmed that he is no-longer with girlfriend Heloise Agostinelli.

In Made in Chelsea episode 7, Jamie confirmed that he was “single” to Alex Mytton and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo.

So who does Jamie move on to next? Who is his latest 2019 girlfriend?


Jamie Laing

What happened between Heloise and Jamie?

Jamie confirmed that he had split up with his French girlfriend during the Made in Chelsea episode that aired on Monday, April 29th.

Rumours surrounding their relationship started to circulate towards the start of April when Jamie, 30, and Ell, 20, unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped appearing in pictures together.

The pair dated for around 12 months, with Jamie telling El he “loved her” in an early May 2018 episode of Made in Chelsea.

It is yet to be confirmed why the pair suddenly split up having looked super cute during Valentine’s Day.

Screen Shot: Jamie Laing and Heloise Made in Chelsea: Jamie Lang tells Heloise Agostinelli - Made in Chelsea, series 15, episode 11

Screen Shot: Jamie Laing and Heloise Made in Chelsea

Does Jamie Laing have a new girlfriend?

Wait and see.

As it stands, Jamie Laing does not have an official girlfriend in 2019. Then again, he did only just split up with El.

Then again, it looks like there could be romance on the cards for Jamie and fellow cast member Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo following the revelation that J-man fancied his long-time friend in the Cape Town episode.


WHAT! Jamie Laing and Habbs?

While a potential romance between Jamie and Verity Bowditch is what MIC fans want, Habbs and Jamie look like the romance that will unravel.

The pair are taking things very slowly, however, especially as Habbs’s ex is Jamie’s friend, Jamie Laing.

Jamie breached the topic in the Drop the M.I.C podcast and said:

The problem is that in the press, things have come out like ‘Sam Thompson feel betrayed because Sophie Habboo are dating’. And that’s pretty awkward, it gets a lot of people upset. my ex-girlfriend is upset (Heloise Agostinelli), Sam’s upset, Habbs’s friends are upset.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019



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