Made in Chelsea star Sophie Habboo is enjoying a strong run of camera time in the latest E4 series.

Season 16 of Made in Chelsea has continued the storyline between Habbs and co-star Sam Thompson, with their on/off relationship causing plenty of drama.

Habbs recently broke up with Sam and faced the wrath of Sam’s sister, Louise.

So, who really is Habbs? Here are 5 things you didn’t know…

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson and Habbs - Made in Chelsea, E4, series 10, episode 8

Screen Shot: Sam Thompson and Habbs – Made in Chelsea, E4, series 10, episode 8

What’s Sophie’s Job?

Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo is a social media influencer from London.

What a social media influencer does is very much beyond us, although Habbs does have a strong 140,000+ following on Instagram.

She uses this following to plug various products. Is that social media influencing?

Is that… a real job?

How Old is Habbs?

Habbs is 25 years old, with her birthday on October 19th.

She graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in media, communications and cultural studies.

Of course, she then moved to London… we couldn’t exactly see her featuring smashing kebabs with Charlotte Dawson on Geordie Shore.

She is Alex Mytton’s Ex!

Habbs was dating Made in Chelsea regular Alex Mytton throughout series 14, although their relationship fizzled out over December 2017.

Alex told The Sun: We are kind of just friends. Over Christmas it fizzled out.”

Sam Thompson and Habbs

Habbs then started dating Sam Thompson.

The pair enjoyed a steamy shower scene together towards the end of series 15, although their relationship fell apart during the Made in Chelsea: Croatia spin-off after it was revealed that Sam was unfaithful to Habbs while on a lads’ holiday in Vegas.

The patched things up and headed back to Chelsea where, again, Sam snogged another girl.

Sam and Habbs spent most of season 16 at each other’s throats, duelling over who can make the other more jealous.

Now things have come to a close and the pair have called things off completely.





Habbs’ Sister is a Makeup Artist

Habbs isn’t an only child and actually has one older sister named Georgia!

Georgia Habboo is a makeup artist – visit her Instagram MUA page @georgiahabboomua.

She celebrates her birthday on April 23rd.

Georgia has over 1,600 followers on her personal Insta too – @georgiahabboo.



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