Rob might’ve not appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as much as his sisters, but his imaginary friend Cornelius once did.

Fans of The Kardashians may not feel close to the only male in the Kardashian clan. Nonetheless, throughout the years that he has appeared on the family show, Rob became a fan-favourite for many.

Having not just one but three imaginary friends is a bit worrying coming from Rob. Naturally, his sisters found a way to take on the issue in a light-hearted manner. Even Cornelius had his own moment in the series on more than one occasion.

Rob Kardashian’s imaginary friend Cornelius

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Where did it start? Well, he had a few non-physical pals, but Rob Kardashian’s imaginary friend Cornelius became his closest one.

In Season 8 of KUWTK, the identity of Cornelius was revealed for the first time, or so the audience thought. As per Celeb Dirty Laundry, Rob had his wood-carving lesson at Kourtney’s home, and when he finished with the chainsaw and made a bear, he named it Cornelius.

According to Daily Mail, before Rob could show it to Khloé’s former partner Lamar Odom, Scott Disick had binned it. Once Rob was able to retrieve it, the bear was completely damaged and did not look like Cornelius anymore.

Was it a coincidence Cornelius was a bear or did Rob merge the two together in honour of his imaginary friend?

Khloé Kardashian speaks to Cornelius

After being ignored by both of her older sisters while shopping at a furniture store, Khloé decided to talk to one of her brother’s imaginary friends, Cornelius.

Unsure if Kim and Kourtney decided to walk away from her because “she talked too much or not about the right thing”, she decided to joke around alone.

Out loud, as the two sisters are were in their own world buying things, Khloé is heard calling her friend: “Cornelius! Corn.” She then continued: “Cornelius, should we buy this for Rob? It’s $695.

Following the joke, in the confessionary Khloé calls Rob to share the news of Cornelius’ comeback: “Rob, in Palm Springs, Cornelius came by. Isn’t that crazy?”

Rob, who played along, revealed he and his imaginary friend didn’t talk as much as before and that his wife died. Khloé, looked to ‘Cornelius’ in awe – buy really, there was nothing to look at.

Fans who were watching from home couldn’t contain the laughter and took to Twitter to comment on the hilarious moment. Is this what it is like to keep up with the Kardashians?

Cornelius wasn’t alone, Pablo and Ronald tagged along

Kim Kardashian, in December 2018, sat with Busy Philipps for Busy Tonight. She shared her brother had a few imaginary friends and wasn’t sure “if he still does”.

Asked if she knew any of their names, the beauty mogul did not need a second to think about it and said: “Of course, Pablo and Ronald.”

As the audience laughed, Kim threw his brother under the bus and said that Rob stopped talking about Pablo and Ronald back in 2017, as well as with his third imaginary friend. Must’ve been Cornelius.

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