Dan Edgar hints at a new girlfriend after his split from Amber Turner. He revealed Amber was acting “shady” during a conversation with his boys on TOWIE. So, did Amber cheat on Dan?

TOWIE‘s long-running couple, Amber and Dan, have faced several issues during their relationship. They reached many a step, including moving in together, but have since split. Dan Edgar appears to have since moved on with a potential new girlfriend, just months after breaking up with Amber Turner.

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Does Dan Edgar have a new girlfriend?

Dan Edgar is 100 percent single, months after his split from Amber Turner. He was spotted with a blonde influencer in Malaga, as per Closer, called Hannah Rally, who is also a make-up artist.

However, any romance between them was shut down. A statement from Dan’s publicist confirmed that Dan is definitely single and had met her during his trip, as he vaguely knew her from home.

Despite fans thinking Dan had a new girlfriend, the statement added: “They were not alone in the airport and did not go away together as is being claimed. Dan is 100% single.”

Inside Dan and Amber’s split

Dan dated his TOWIE co-star Amber since 2018. In late April, he removed pictures of Amber from his Instagram, before it was confirmed they had split. There are unconfirmed rumors Amber cheated on Dan.

In May, Amber posted to her Instagram Story: “I wasn’t going to post anything but due to speculations & questions, I feel like I need to. Yes, me and Dan have split. I honestly wish him the best for the future.”

It was revealed Amber had flown 2,000 miles to confront Dan on the show over cheating rumors, The Sun reports. She surprised the TOWIE cast by turning up in Paphos, as none of them expected her to arrive.

TOWIE: ‘Shady behavior’

Dan told his friends that Amber had been doing some “shady behavior” during a girls’ trip to Dubai. He said that he ended their relationship after “things he’d heard,” like “going missing in Ibiza.”

He admits he had overlooked Amber “acting shady.” Dan told his friends, “Before she went to Dubai, I had a big chat with her, and she was like, ‘Look, I want to show you, you can trust me.'”

Dan said that the first night she was there, he hadn’t heard from her until she claimed she was with the girls. He added, “I’m like, ‘Where are they? [friends], walking out to the balcony, the phone goes down.”

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Amber and Dan’s representatives for comment.


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