EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE is so clean-cut and full of drama that many fans think it’s scripted. Reality Titbit got the truth during a juicy interview with Chloe Brockett, Harry Derbridge, Saffron Lempriere, Junaid Ahmed, and Elma Pazar.

Chloe Brockett spilled on how she has to skip certain scenes when she’s watching The Only Way is Essex, while Harry Derbridge opened up about the bond he and Junaid have following a potential romance on-screen.

All the drama is going on in Thailand this season, but is TOWIE scripted? The cast spilled the honest beans on how filming works, including how those “natural bump-ins” actually work and whether they’re all set up.

Elma Pazar, Saffron Lempriere, Junaid Ahmed, Celine Byford, Harry Derbridge and Chloe Brockett smile at camera, The Only Way is Essex sign behind.
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Is TOWIE scripted?

No, the TOWIE cast revealed the show is not scripted. Saffron revealed that, while they do not follow a script, the producers “create scenarios.” She added that those “natural bump-ins” happen by receiving a text with a location.

She said they are usually told to be at somewhere particular at a certain time, say 2pm, and a cast member they would be having drama with would also be sent a text and already be there, hence the bump-in!

Although TOWIE is their job, they are not always in the right mood to socialise. Saffron told Reality Titbit, “We can wake up and feel s***, but it’s our job as well as the reality of our lives. Sometimes we don’t want to talk.”

Elma said they are often reliving moments that happened three months ago, while Harry said filming can take anywhere between two hours to a full day, especially if the entire cast is there.

When it came to filming in Thailand, Saffron said they were meant to be there for 17 days but were only needed for two weeks, which gave the show two and a half episodes worth of content.

Chloe Brockett ‘skips scenes’ when watching

Chloe admitted that she watches TOWIE back, but skips certain scenes. Harry joked that she only watches the clips of herself, but she feels it’s important to know what fellow cast members are saying about her.

When asked how she felt that a lot of TOWIE stars were discussing her as “exhausting,” such as Amber Turner, Chloe described the whole thing as “strange.” Chloe told Reality Titbit:

I disagree, I’m quite an intense person with a strong personality. I found it unfair as in Thailand, I wasn’t around many people as I made the decision to spend a lot of time alone so I was not around them. I find it strange, it’s a sheep mentality, and some people don’t have their own minds.

When speaking about how she’s drifted apart from her friendship with Amber, Chloe, and the other girls, she said: “It’s not all one-sided, we’re not as close anymore and we’ve all done things we shouldn’t have done.”

Harry Derbridge opens up about Junaid

Harry hinted at his current status when asked about Junaid. He revealed that he and Junaid “explored an avenue this series,” before adding: “Me and Junaid are very close, we get on, we share a lot in common.”

He then encouraged TOWIE fans to keep watching this season to see what happens, amid rumors the two are dating. Junaid revealed that Harry and Saffron had given him some “home truths” about his behavior.

Chloe also got involved when it came to discussing Junaid’s appearance on the ITVBE series. She said, “It’s been Junaid’s first real journey on the show, which on one note, has involved arguing with a lot of people.”

She continued: “Junaid has been like an onion with lots of layers, and friends call him out, like when me and Saff had a showdown in Chelmsford. It’s important for people watching to know that the show always swings in roundabouts.”

The Only Way Is Essex airs Sunday at 9pm on ITVBE and ITVX. 

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