Ella Wise cries in TOWIE’s Cyprus trailer. She reveals that her best friend Dani Imbert was “out having cheese and Proseccos with her enemy.” The star gets teary – but what happened to Ella Wise’s eye?

The explosive drama of The Only Way is Essex is officially back as the cast makes their way to Cyprus. Ella Rae Wise addresses the time she had a paralyzed left eye. She said that nobody was there for her.

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What happened to Ella Wise’s eye?

Ella Rae Wise had a paralyzed eye. She went to the doctors after finding a lump and had to undergo surgery, before wearing an eye patch during her recovery.

In May, Ella shared a photo from the hospital with a huge bandage over her eye. At the time, she was waiting for test results to determine if the growth was a tumor.

She said on Instagram: “At the minute my left eye is paralyzed and it’s the weirdest feeling ever – feels very heavy and obviously no movement of blinking for two days.” Ella added that she’s “all good.”

‘Nobody was there for me’

Ella gets upset during the TOWIE Cyprus trip and says to Dani Imbert, “It’s not even about my eye. Nobody was there for me. You were eating cheese and Prosecco with my enemy.”

At the time, she was also dealing with having an unwell mum. Ella has said she’s “on her own” and “has no mates” as of day two in Cyprus. However, she has plans to sort her friendships out.

Ella also said her new relationship has “kept her happy.” She also reveals she had her eye operation on Wednesday, and Junaid and Dani were meant to come around on Friday, but they “didn’t turn up.”

She feuds with Dani Imbert

Dani Imbert sits down with Ella, her best friend, and says that she “should have been there more with her eye.” She added that she holds her hands up about her lack of support.

However, Ella was insistent that it wasn’t her eye she was upset about. She was more emotional about Dani “having cheese and Prosecco” with her “enemy,” claiming that no one was there for her.

Dani said she messaged Ella while she was out, but Ella revealed it “cut her deep.” Ella adds, “I feel like Junaid is the reason this has happened. I do.” Junaid later tells Dani he prefers it when it is just them two.


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