EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE star Junaid Ahmed spoke exclusively to Reality Titbit at the Series 30 launch party about the tears and tantrums coming our way in the new series of ITVBe’s The Only Way Is Essex.

Get your popcorn ready as TOWIE is back on our screens tonight (Sunday, August 21) at 9pm. Series 30 is set to feature several explosive moments as the gang head out to the Dominican Republic for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Former Lovestruck High student Junaid Ahmed is set to make his TOWIE debut this evening and he’s promised a number of explosive scenes. We caught up with Junaid who was quick to assure Reality Titbit that there is a lot more drama on the way.

“I’m the most explosive new cast member TOWIE has ever seen”

ITV has had TOWIE fans reeling in excitement as they have stated that series 30 will be returning to the OG days of The Only Way Is Essex with explosive moments running throughout the series. Speaking about the drama Junaid was quick to spill the tea.

“I’m the new cast member on the show with a couple of other newbies, but let’s just say I’m the most explosive new cast member TOWIE has ever seen,” Junaid told us.

Junaid Ahmed
Junaid Ahmed / The Only Way Is Essex: SR30: Ep1 on ITVBe and ITV Hub Pictured: Junaid, Dominican Republic.

“Get me on Celebs Go Dating”

The self-proclaimed ‘B*tch with a heart of gold’ is taking the reality TV world by storm as he went from Prime Video UK’s Lovestruck High straight to the set of TOWIE. We were desperate to find out what Junaid has his eyes on next.

“I loved Lovestruck, now I’ve done TOWIE, get me on Celebs Go Dating,” Junaid said when asked about his reality TV plans.

“I need to find love, Celebs Go Dating would be a dream for me. 100%”

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“TOWIE has been the best thing I’ve ever done”

Reminiscing on favourite moments of the filming process Junaid was quick to tell us about how the show differed from the likes of Lovestruck High as he has a close friendship group beside him on TOWIE.

He told us: “TOWIE has been the best thing I’ve ever done to be fair, we film in Essex on my doorstep. I’m with my best friends.”

“We film the laughs, the tears, the tantrums, the drama, we film it all and I’ve been myself throughout the whole process. I’m so excited for viewers to see me with my friends,” Junaid continued.

Laughs, tears, and tantrums? Sign us up!

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“I joined TOWIE as the queen that I am”

Speaking on the pressure of going from filming Lovestruck High to being signed up for TOWIE straight away, Junaid was quick to tell us that he fit in with ease.

“I joined TOWIE as the queen that I am. I stood up for myself, walked in like I owned the place. I wasn’t scared at all. I can understand why some people can feel the pressure coming onto TOWIE but people need to remember I knew all of the cast before I came on.

“I’d been friends with the cast for years, so I knew everyone.”

Junaid Ahmed and Yazmin Oukhellou
Junaid Ahmed / Yazmin Oukhellou / The Only Way Is Essex: SR30: Ep1 on ITVBe and ITV Hub

“TOWIE is so real life”

Expressing his concerns heading onto the set of TOWIE, Junaid explained that he was slightly nervous about opening up to the viewers: “I’d say the most daunting part of the show was opening up about my life to the viewers.”

Junaid continued: “TOWIE is so real life, you do open up your whole life to the show, so every aspect of my life people will find out about.”

Catch Junaid Ahmed on the new season starting this Sunday, August 21, 2022.



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