Although USA news show All In is still airing in 2023, fans are curious to know more about what happened to Chris Hayes on MSNBC this September. The commentator and podcast host first landed his own show Up with Chris Hayes in 2011. Two years later Up came to an end, and Chris launched All In with Chris Hayes.

Chris has been hosting his show in a primetime slot for years now. He was one of the youngest to do so when he first appeared on All In with Chris Hayes at the age of 34. Now, fans are fearing that he may be losing his primetime slot as MSNBC switches up its schedule.

Chris Hayes Signs Copies Of His New Book "A Colony In A Nation"
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What happened to Chris Hayes on MSNBC?

MSNBC viewers are asking what happened to news show host Chris Hayes, 44, in 2023 as the network makes some changes to its schedule.

Chris usually appeared on his show, All In with Chris Hayes, on weekdays.

But, Chris is now losing one of his weekday slots due to another show airing on Mondays.

On September 7, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that as of September 25, All In won’t be airing in its usual Monday slot.

The report reads: “Inside With Jen Psaki will now run on the cable news channel on Monday nights at 8pm.”

Chris Hayes hosts All In

Now that Jen Psaki’s show is airing on Mondays, All In with Chris Hayes will air Tuesdays to Fridays each week.

As well as hosting his MSNBC show, Chris runs a podcast called Why Is This Happening? which launched in 2018.

On one of Chris’ recent Instagram posts related to his podcast, some fans are taking to the comments section to question the network’s switch-up.

One asked: “Why is Jen Psaki taking over your time slot next week?”

Fans say MSNBC show is their ‘favorite’

As MSNBC makes some changes to their primetime shows, Chris’ fans are fearing what may happen to All In.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Why is @InsideWithPsaki going to be following @thereidout ??!! Where is this show going? Please don’t tell me there isn’t going to be Chris Hayes anymore!! All In is my favorite show on msnbc.”

Another asked on September 15: “Where is Chris Hayes’s show going??? It’s our favorite!”

More said: “Whoa! Just found out that Jen Psaki is taking over the Chris Hayes time slot on MSNBC after “The ReidOUT” What did I miss? Where is Chris Hayes going? Someone fill me in!”

However, it doesn’t appear that Chris is going anywhere.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote of the network change: “He will continue to expand his portfolio of content for the company. Psaki, it should be noted, was a frequent guest host for Hayes on Monday nights.”

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