Live with Kelly and Mark season 36 kicked off on September 4. Kelly’s husband took over hosting duties after Ryan Seacrest left in 2023. Friday’s installment of the show saw a Real Housewives star and an actor and comedian appear as guests but some fans were more concerned about what happened to Mark Consuelos’ finger on September 15.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are Live’s new dynamic duo. The husband and wife hosting team chatted with Tracy Morgan, and RHOC star Tamra Judge during ‘LIVE Loves New York Week’ during Friday’s episode.

What happened to Mark Consuelos’ finger?

Live with Kelly and Mark’s Friday, September 15 episode saw Mark sporting a finger injury which has many fans asking questions about what happened to him.

The ABC show co-host was wearing a finger splint during the season 36 show.

Mark had been wearing a small cast as well as the splint for a couple of weeks as he explained what happened to his finger on Tuesday, September 5’s episode of the show.

He told the audience that he had sustained an “embarrassing” sporting injury.

Mark Consuelos tore a tendon

During Live with Kelly and Mark on Tuesday, September 5, Mark delved into the reason for him wearing a splint on his finger.

The Live co-host said that he was playing volleyball when he sustained the injury: “I was playing beach volleyball… and I went to set a ball, and I felt like it hit my finger just a little strange… and my finger, at the tip, was at a right angle and it just stayed like that.”

Fifty-two-year-old Mark added that he tore a tendon in his finger and has to wear a cast for eight weeks.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos interview Tamra Judge on Live with Kelly and Mark
Credit: LiveKellyandMark YouTube channel

Mark was absent days later

After Mark’s doctor diagnosed him with “mallet finger,” he said that he wasn’t in pain but has to keep his finger in a splint.

Kelly’s husband was then absent from Live with Kelly and Mark some days later.

Déjà Vu stepped in for Mark on September 14 as Kelly explained that he had “come down with a fever.”

Kelly added that he was “really sick, but tested negative for everything.”

After his sick day, Mark returned to his usual hosting role on Friday, September 15.

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