Roger and Janey on My Mum Your Dad UK are developing a connection as they spend the night together. So, who is still together, and who exactly are Janey and Roger? Both Roger and his daughter Jess, who nominated him for the series, hinted at the outcome of his and Janey’s romance.

It’s the ITV series where middle-aged single parents head to a romantic retreat for a second chance at love which, unbeknownst to them, is overseen by their adult children. Roger was one of those participants after his late wife died. He meets Janey, the first blonde who walks into the retreat.

Roger sits on red sofa with feet up wearing white socks, while Janey rests feet on his lap, also sat on sofa.

Who are Janey and Roger?

Janey Smith from My Mum Your Dad UK is a country singer, while Roger Hawes is a postman. Janey is 47 from West Sussex and Roger is from Derbyshire, aged 58 years old.

When Janey walked through the door, Roger had literally just revealed that he likes blondes. The pair have been growing closer after Roger opened up and picked Janey over Caroline after the first week.

Roger lost his wife Joanne 18 months ago, whom he shared three children with, including his daughter Jess Hawes-Brown. Janey’s son, William Lancaster, nominated her for the series.

My Mum Your Dad journey

Roger lost his late wife Joanne to cancer last year and he told on the show how she went to sleep on the sofa and never woke up. He has told Janey that he feels “guilt” for being on My Mum Your Dad.

Janey said he has to “crack on” because it is “his life.” Roger and Janey then shared an intimate night together and their first kiss. He also gave Janey a foot massage.

Roger said: “I’m actually not that confident of a guy which I know is a turn-off.” Janey replied: “You do not have to change, what I like about you is you’re funny, I think you and I are very similar.”

Where Roger and Janey are now

Although Roger “can’t confirm nor deny” if he is still single, he did hint at the outcome of My Mum Your Dad. When asked if he is glad he went on the show, he simply replied in a Q&A: “Yes.”

They both follow each other on Instagram. However, Janey’s son is wary of whether Roger is ready for a relationship. A fan said: “I definitely think Roger & Janey belong together, they both get each other.”

Janey and Jess also follow each other on Instagram. Roger told Lorraine that he “sort of knew he wasn’t ready” but said he “gets better” towards the end of the season.


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