MAFS UK star Luke is from Language of Love, where he dated Thalia. Davina McCall hosted the Channel 4 dating show where British and Spanish singletons pair up at an estate in Andalucia. They are tested to see if they can find romance despite the language barrier.

Now, Luke has decided to go full steam ahead and marry a stranger after things didn’t work out with Thalia. He joins the Married at First Sight UK cast for 2023. So, who is Luke, and what happened?!

Luke smiles with right shoulder forward with arms crossed in a suit and purple bow tie, floral background behind. Seen down to knee level in black suit.
Credit: Married at First Sight/Channel 4

Who is Luke on MAFS UK?

Luke is a former Language of Love star from the 2022 Channel 4 series. He is now on MAFS UK as a groom and working as a sales executive from Clacton.

The 30-year-old describes his dating life as “a mess” and is sick of dating apps. He is hoping the experts can help him find a down-to-earth woman who wants a happy family in the future.

He’s had his fair share of rejection over the years and has struggled to meet a girl who is all in. In his local town, Luke is known as the “funny one” and can always be relied upon to make silly jokes.

His Language of Love journey

Luke developed a romance with Thalia in Language of Love. He joined the show as a single man of two years after an eight-year relationship, and ended up calling Thalia his new “finca valentine.”

From the moment Thalia walked in, Luke felt a connection with her. They ended up kissing – to which he said “no one has to know” – but she felt it was too soon after he confessed that he “likes her a lot.”

They never made things official and their romance fizzled out. Luke was known as the show’s villain and said he would “give up anything and move anywhere across the world if it was for the right person.”

Fans recognize Luke instantly

If Language of Love isn’t where fans recognized Luke, he went viral last year after he revealed a holiday romance had given him the wrong number, which turned out to be Maya Jama‘s.

One fan said: “I knew I recognized him! Luke is from the show Language Of Love! He didn’t come across well on there…so I’m not getting my hopes up!”

Another penned on Twitter: “Can someone tell me why Luke was so bad on the language of love, please? He seems so lovely! #MAFSUK.”

“I remember Luke from that other dating show called Language of love #MAFSUK,” wrote a viewer.


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