Welcome To Plathville’s Nathan made his first appearance in season 4 last year but who exactly is he and what is his relation to the family?

Welcome To Plathville returned with more drama in season 5 on September 5 as the series focused on the family changes since Kim and Barry Plath’s shocking split. The show will document fractured relationships and new dynamics between the siblings – Ethan, Micah, Moriah – as well as their respective partners in this new era. A member named Nathan made a brief appearance in the season 5 premiere, but who is he in relation to the TLC family?

Who is Nathan on Welcome To Plathville?

Nathan Meggs is Olivia Plath‘s (née Meggs) younger brother. Therefore, he is Ethan Plath‘s brother-in-law. Meggs made his Plathville debut in season 4 when he graduated from high school and turned 18 years old.

Although he is not listed as a main cast member, Nathan has made frequent appearances as he has lived with Olivia and Ethan since the couple decided to move from Cairo, Georgia to Tampa, Florida. He jumped at the chance to move out and split the rent with them.

Moriah also lived with the couple, but season 5 episode 1 documented her decision to leave the apartment.

Like the Plaths, the Meggs family had a similar conservative upbringing, which included homeschooling and stricter beliefs. Olivia claims she and her other siblings were “farm kids and pastor’s kids”.

He may be a TV personality but he isn’t a fan of social media attention; his Instagram account is private. But Reddit fans have raised questions about his bio, which reads: “Anti-LGBTQIA+. Pro-life. Pro JESUS. I’m not perfect. He id. Don’t [hate] the ppl just the sin.”

Nathan Meggs was arrested in 2022

The reality star was taken into custody in Tampa on March 11, 2022 and was booked for first degree misdemeanor DUI at the Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County, reports InTouch Weekly.

Meggs was age 19 when he was “observed unconscious” by authorities at the pumps of a gas station. The criminal report obtained by InTouch Weekly states that Nathan was in the driver’s seat of his vehicle while it was turned on.

“The defendant had vomited on himself, the odor of an alcoholic beverage was emanating from his mouth, he was slurring his words, and he presented a noticeable sway,” it writes. Meggs was asked to perform field sobriety exercises and “exhibited clues of impairment.”

His breath sample returned results of .087/.088% BrAC. The legal US limit is .08%.

The TV star was released the same day after Ethan posted a cash bond.

On August 1, Nathan reportedly entered a plea agreement and pleaded no contest to a reckless driving charge, which was reduced from DUI.

He was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 50 hours of community service. Meggs was also ordered to serve several other provisions, including alcohol evaluation and treatment if necessary. Other details included attending DUI school, drug evaluation, and treatment if necessary, and attending a three-hour victim impact panel.

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