The brand new series of Ibiza Weekender launched on Sunday, January 19th with a pair of new reps joining the holiday squad.

Regular reps David ‘El Jefe’ Potts, Jordan Davies and Callum Izzard retain their places alongside Chloe Chaloner and Tash Kiran, although intern Savvas hasn’t made the cut.

A new series brings new drama and potential romances, with Callum very much a single man and Jordan Davies attempting not to cheat on girlfriend Isobel Mills, who was also cut from the show for series 6.

Could new rep Riva Vatsaloo turn his head? Here’s everything you need to know about the Welsh stunner including her Instagram account for a good ol’ stalk!

Series 6
Pictured: Jaden, David and Riva.

Who is Riva Vatsaloo?

Riva is a 23-year-old law graduate born and raised in Cardiff, Wales.

Her last name, Vatsaloo, can be found in both Wales and Australia – although it’s certainly not a common last name!

The stunning ITV star has a younger brother and graduated with a Bachelor of Law in Law and Criminology in 2017. Since then, it looks like she’s been enjoying her time dotting back and forth to Ibizia to work.

Ibiza Weekender’s Riva on Instagram

You can follow Riva on Instagram under @rivaweekender, where she kick-starts her Ibiza Weekender journey with close to 6,000 followers.

It looks as if Riva also does some part-time modelling with shoots for fashion website SheWoreThisUK. Riva often dresses to kill in all black, confessing on the Gram’ that it’s her favourite fashion combo.

The natrual stunner doesn’t appear to have any surgery (people always seem to want to know about this) and you can see her six-year glow up from 2013 to now below, where a swap in hair colour appears to be her biggest change.

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Hahahahah why do I take such sick pics lol

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Nye 2019 ✨🤍

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What Riva said about the ITV2 show

Speaking to ITV about her time on the show, Rita said that she joined the series to experience something totally different and new having never lived away from home before.

Rita said:

I went straight from school, to university and got my degree and then went into full-time work and I’ve never been away for more than two weeks so it was definitely a new experience.

The 23-year-old has also teased possible romances, opening up about a steamy first night on the series with fellow rep Callum Izzard. She said:

“When I first met Callum there was that initial attraction. We actually spent the first night together. We went out and we got into a bit of trouble because I didn’t realise you were not supposed to get with reps in front of guests.”

It remains to be seen how the romance between the two unfolds or though the fact that Callum’s ex, Chloe Chaloner, is also working as a rep for the 2020 series can only mean one thing – more drama!

How to watch Ibiza Weekender 2020

Ibiza Weekender 2020 launched on Sunday, January 19th.

The series airs at a slightly later time of 10 pm, starting straight after Love Island on ITV2.

Most series air for 10 episodes, keeping your Sunday nights fully booked until March. As always, you can catch up with any missed episodes via the official ITV media player, ITV Hub.



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