The wait is finally over and Southern Charm fans can get stuck into a brand new season of the Bravo show in September 2023. While many of the show’s cast members are returning for season 9, including Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, and Madison LeCroy, there are some newbies joining Southern Charm such as Rodrigo Reyes.

Southern Charm first launched in 2014 as a Bravo show set in the USA’s southern state of South Carolina. The Charleston residents are restaurant and bar owners, CEOs, and influencers, and while their businesses may be booming, the dynamics between the show’s cast members are also set to be explosive. Season 9 newcomer Rodrigo is set to bring some “grounding” energy to the group.

Rodrigo Reyes joins Southern Charm

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, Southern Charm fans can tune into the all-new season 9 of the Bravo show.

While viewers will be re-acquainted with many familiar stars of the series including Craig Conover and Leva Bonaparte, there are three newcomers to season 9 to get to know.

Ready to bring some “grounding” energy to the group is newbie Rodrigo Reyes. Also joining the 2023 season are Rod Razavi, and Jarrett Thomas.

Bravo star is a business owner

When Rodrigo isn’t filming scenes for Southern Charm, the reality TV star is designing people’s homes.

He’s an interior designer who runs his own business which has its own Instagram page at @iamrardesigns.

Rodrigo also writes that he’s a “floral designer,” and some of his chíc-looking work can be seen on his interior design page.

Before launching his own brand, the Southern Charm newcomer worked at Matthew Mclaughlin Design for four years, per his LinkedIn page.

Southern Charm’s Rodrigo is off the market

While many of the Southern Charm stars are single and ready to mingle, Rodrigo is in a long-term relationship.

He and his partner, Tyler Dugas, have been together for around eight years, writes Bravo.

Tyler is a Charleston-based physical therapist.

According to Rodrigo’s Bravo bio, he’s been friends with many of the cast members for years and “helps to keep them grounded.”


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