Alone: Where is Grizzly Mountain? Exploring season 8!
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Alone: Where is Grizzly Mountain? Exploring season 8!

If you’re looking for a show with danger, unpredictability, or even just a bit of competition, ‘Alone’ is the show for you.

In this series all about survival, Season 8 brings the most danger we’ve seen yet – and we’re already on the edge of our seats.

Continue reading to find out more about the show itself, where this season is set, and what else is in store…

What is ‘Alone?’

Alone, the survival-based reality series, is a show where hardcore survivalists fight to stay alive through extreme conditions around the world. The show follows 10 wilderness experts throughout their time there: documenting the highs and lows that they face as they compete to see who can survive the longest.

The stakes are extremely high though. The winner at the end will receive a prize of $500,000!

Each season the location changes, so you’re never quite prepared for what’s in store – this year in particular. It has been announced that Season 8 will be the most dangerous we’ve seen yet.

Where is Grizzly Mountain?

This year Alone is filmed at Chilko Lake, British Columbia – AKA Grizzly Mountain.

This location is known to be home to the deadliest predator in North America: the grizzly bears. From the trailer alone, we can tell they will make a scary appearance too…

When does Season 8 start, and how do I watch it?

The Sky HISTORY original series began on 3rd June and is on every Thursday at 9:30. It is also available on Amazon Prime.

So, if you haven’t started it already… what are you waiting for?!

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