More About Below Deck

To sail on Honor, it will set you back $186,000 for 7 days, but if you wanted a cheaper option, the smaller boat Ohana - as seen in Below Deck season 2 - is around $140,000. However, if you're featured on the show, guests only pay 50% of three-day trips as the production team will pay for the rest.
No, guests don't get a paycheck to be on the yacht or the show, and they pay their own fees if they book a charter during the six-week filming process. However, they tend to get a discount of the fees with the broadcaster paying 50% of the price.
Although the drama and shocking scenes may make some viewers believe Below Deck is scripted, but none of the guests are paid actors, they're real paying guests. But, not just anyone can be on board, production teams do vet the charter guests before they depart.