Steel Panther live on AGT has fans screaming with glee. They performed on the May 29 premiere of America’s Got Talent, leaving fans excited that they may be singing each week live, but what do they look like without wigs?

The singing contest is officially back on the scene. America’s Got Talent has already had the seal of approval by bringing on the band Steel Panther, who mostly wear wigs, except for Michael.

So, what are Steel Panther’s hits as fans say they “feel 16 again”? Reality Titbit looked at pics of the band without wigs and how impressed viewers reacted to the surprise band performance.

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Steel Panther on AGT

Steel Panther shocked the judges and audience when they appeared on the AGT stage. After Simon Cowell asked them to introduce themselves, they gave Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum backstage passes to their live tour.

The four band members claimed they weren’t “influencing the judging panel in any way” and explained that they have six record albums out, before adding that this was the “best way to reach so many people they haven’t seen before.”

To win, they want to change the view on heavy metal music before they sung Eyes of a Panther. From Los Angeles, California, they are already known for their profane and humorous lyrics and were previously called Metal Skool!

The band without wigs

Every band member but Michael, the lead singer, wears a wig. It has been a popular discussion among fans, with many asking the question again when they starred on the NBC show. Fans can also catch the episodes on Peacock.

A viral picture [see below] of the band has been circling social media for years. Many believe Lexxi, who left the group in 2021, looks the most different without his hair and costume.

Spyder was selected as the new full-time bassist for the band in 2022. Their wild hair has been a part of the band’s comedy take on their on-stage look since they were formed back in 2000.

Fans will ‘keep watching’ on 1 condition

When AGT viewers watched Steel Panther on the show, they vowed to continue watching if the band are a permanent fixture. They got a standing ovation from the America’s Got Talent judges and audience and were put through to the next round.

One fan wrote: “First-time AGT watcher. Will keep watching if Steel Panther keeps playing.”

Another penned: “Should have been golden buzzer!!!”

“YES!!!! I know who I’m rooting for!!” reacted a fellow AGT viewer.

Steel Panther Perform In Berlin
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