Bir Khalsa’s height is on AGT fans’ minds as they perform on All Stars 2023. Although they’ve made history as the competition’s tallest contestant ever, the group still haven’t quite made it as the tallest men in the world.

Even judge Simon Cowell called Bir’s performance on the January 16 episode one of his “favorite performances” as the danger group, who originally starred on AGT in season 14, make their way back to the stage.

However, the tallest Sikh in the world is in the Bir Khalsa group and is their vice president. Reality Titbit can reveal their heights and how they compare to the tallest man in the world amid their time in the competition.

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Bir Khalsa’s height

Bir Khalsa’s height makes them the tallest AGT contestant in history. Jagdeep Singh, the group’s vice president, is the tallest Sikh in the world at 7ft 6in (229cm) and is therefore the tallest person on the competition.

Jagdeep, 39, is also the world’s tallest policeman. India’s popular martial art crew, Bir Khalsa group, has represented Sikh martial arts showcasing Sikh war art at various international stages, but Jagdeep’s height has fans eyes transfixed.

The group has more than 500 members, but they have 20 official members. Kawaljit Singh is the Bir Khalsa founder who stands at a height of 6ft 1in but left the group and was replaced in the AGT Quarterfinals.

Tallest man in the world

The tallest man in the world was the late Robert Wadlow at 8ft 11in, while Sultan Kösen is the tallest-standing man at a current height of 8ft 2in. He turned 40 years old on 10 December 2022, posing next to a lifesize statue of Wadlow.

Currently the tallest living man, he is the seventh verified tallest person in history. In 2011, he was remeasured by Guinness World Records, which also remeasured his hands at 28cm, which broke his previous record.

Bir Khalsa group in 2012

Bir Khalsa performed in October 2012 on Cesko Slovenko Ma Talent, the Czechoslovakian version of AGT. Since then, the group has continued to impress the judges in America’s Got Talent season 14, before returning in All Stars 2023.

They were eliminated in the Quarterfinals in season 14, and then were sent home in the preliminaries on the January 16 episode. One of its members, Guru Hargobind, was second runner-up on India’s Got Talent in September 2010.

After struggling financially over the years, including Kawaljit demonstrating his skills on the roadside in exchange for food, he finally got his debut on India’s Got Talent in 2009 where the group became the first runner-up.

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