The American Idol prize for 2023 was awarded after a talented singer won this year’s competition. Reality Titbit has all the prize information if you’re wondering who walked away with a much heavier back pocket.

It takes weeks of work for the American Idol winner to prove to the judges, and the voting audience, that they are worthy of the crown. And it’s not just winning the singing contest they can revel in but the fantastic prizes, too.

Since February, singers from all over the USA have been belting their hearts out in exchange for what they hope to be two huge prizes. So, who won 2023’s American Idol and what was the prize this year?

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American Idol prize 2023

The American Idol 2023 prize was $250,000 in cash and a recording contract. In 2019, the average cost of a home for all buyers in the United States was around $244,000, while West Virginia is the most affordable state to buy a house.

With a Zillow Home Value Index of $146,578, this means that the American Idol winner walked home with enough to put a new roof over their head. The winner doesn’t get the entire $250,000 at once, though.

Alongside the recording contract with Hollywood Records/19 Recordings, they reportedly get $125,000 when they originally sign the contract and another $125,000 after completing a new album within four months, Cheatsheet writes.

Additionally, the winner reportedly receives $1,000 weekly while they record the album, and then $1,000 for every master recording provided. The winner also receives a budget of up to $300,000 to complete the album.

Who won American Idol?

Iam Tongi won American Idol in 2023. Colin Stough, Megan Danielle, and Tongi competed as the three finalists in the show but it was Iam who stunned with his performances enough to take home the crown.

They all received guest mentorship from country superstar Keith Urban. And it was Katy Perry who knew the win was in Iam’s hands during the competition. She told him:

To add to that, I believe it’s written in the stars. I don’t believe in coincidences. I know your name’s ‘Iam,’ but when I see your name written, I see ‘I. Am… the next American Idol.’

Runner-ups usually join The American Idols Live! national tour along with nine additional finalists. Tongi won the audience’s and the judges’ hearts when he sang James Blunt’s Monsters in honor of his father during his audition.

Where singer is after the show

Tongi is now living his best life as the American Idol winner. After his win, he played guitar and sang songs with his loved ones while fans everywhere celebrated his win by waving flags in his honor!

Hawaii residents held parades for Iam during and after his final performance on the show’s stage. He is currently a senior in high school and attends Decatur High School, which is located in Federal Way, Washington.

While Tongi now lives in Washington State with his family, when American Idol asked him to choose a spot for his hometown visit before the finale – he chose Hawaii. The 18-year-old is now basking in his winning glory!

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