America's Got Talent 2021: Who is Gabriella Laberge? Singer keeps Simon Cowell from pressing Golden Buzzer!

An upcoming episode of America’s Got Talent 2021 features artist Gabriella Laberge who seems to keeps Simon Cowell from pressing his Golden Buzzer, shown in an early release clip.

Discover all you need to know about the singer as we explore her AGT audition clip, social media platforms and much more!

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America’s Got Talent, Season 16: First Look – Celebrating Sweet 16!

Who is America’s Got Talent 2021 contestant Gabriella Laberge?

Gabriella Laberge is set to appear on NBC’s America’s Got Talent 2021, streaming on Tuesday, July 20th at 8 pm EST.

The musician is a French Canadian from Montreal, with big dreams involving success in the music industry.

Explore Gabriella’s musical talent over on her website, Gabriella Music, which contains her released work, contact information and more.

Gabriella can be found on YouTube whereby she has uploaded various song covers and clips.

Laberge claimed that she watched America’s Got Talent every week as she grew up and proceeded to state that she never expected to attend the show.

Singer nearly receives Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell

After describing her AGT audition as the opportunity of her life, Gabriella enters the stage holding a violin and eventually performs a rendition of “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt.

Watch an Early Release clip of Gabriella’s audition, below!

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As well as the audience, the competition judges were immediately wowed by Gabriella’s talent.

Simon Cowell shows a particular interest in the artist as his hand hovers over the Golden Buzzer button during her performance.

While reaching out to press the button which would enable Gabriella to skip the judge cuts portion of the competition, Simon then continues to shy away from making the big decision.

An Instagram user named @adeawobokun took to the comment section of AGT’s post to react to the coincidentally on-time lyrics:

” That moment when Simon was about to press the red buzzer, and she started singing “Did I disappoint you…” 😂 “

Keep scrolling to discover more about the singer!

Meet the artist on Instagram

Over on Instagram, @GabriellaLab currently has over 50,000 followers along with 110 posts.

As well sharing numerous song covers, the singer uploads footage from her live shows.

It is clear that the upcoming AGT contestant has been interested in music since a young age, as shown in footage of her child-self.

Amongst masses of musical conetnt on her feed, Gabriella also ensures she shares gratitude towards her supporters.

With her birthday located in May, the artist took to social media to thank supporters for her best wishes.

Be sure to further check out @GabriellaLab on Twitter where she has over 11,000 followers.

Additionally, Gabriella has a Facebook page dedicated to her music.

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