Although there have been many occasions where America’s Got Talent judges have been left speechless with the talent of aspiring performers, there are times when it’s for other not-so-wonderful reasons.

In some instances, things get heated between the judges and angry contestants. Whereas other examples include unexpected performances that leave America’s Got Talent judges unable to say a word.

After many years on television providing a million-dollar opportunity to aspiring singers, magicians, dancers, and entertainers, there have been occasions when a “no” from the judges has gone down like a lead balloon.

Sometimes performers take the criticism by heart and there’s awkward tension. Other occasions, some acts were simply too shocking for their liking.

In the history of America’s Got Talent, the judges have witnessed many different types of performances. Reality Titbit tells you the most surprising ones.

Larry the Mime

Larry The Mime didn’t impress with his performance, and his attitude certainly didn’t make it better. After Larry failed to impress the judges with his mimic skills, during the verdict and the opinions from each judge, the performer did not take it well and began to clap back.

Agitated, Larry The Mime shocked the four America’s Got Talent judges after saying, “Where do you guys get off telling me how to mime?”. Looking at Howard stern, he carried on criticising the judge, claiming all he does in the show is “run your mouth.”

After the audience watched in disbelief at his actions, the performer got closer to the judges. Mel B realized that the person behind Larry The Mime was Nick Cannon and they got pranked by the host.

Kayvon Zand

Kayvon Zand auditioned on season 10 but was eliminated in the Judge Cuts. However, he was given a chance to redeem his inner performer and prove himself once again. His journey ended just as quickly after he insinuated former Spice Girl Mel B was a worse singer than himself.

Wearing a costume that gave Lady Gaga vibes, the then 28-year-old performer sang Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Right Around as he played along with the piano, to which he told the judges to have taught himself.

During the performance, the judges were not impressed with Kaywon’s performance and began to press the buzzers. Howie Mandel, who contained himself until the end of his performance, ended up buzzing the act. Kayvon was not being funny, and was actually being serious.

After the four judges gave their verdict, the 28-year-old did not take it well. The negative response from the audience also did not help him move on to the next round.

Piers Morgan, who jumped on Mel B’s defense after Kayvon asked if she thought she was a better singer than him, said that if the show was called “America’s Got Obnoxious Little Brats,” he would win.

Celina and Filiberto

Youthful at heart, and what a way to prove that! Celina and Filiberto left the judges and audience speechless with their shocking rhythm dancing along to Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty To Me.

The Cuban couple participated in season 13 of America’s Got Talent. Despite a cheeky attitude and good heart, Celina and Filiberto were sent to the Judges Cuts after Howie, Heidi and Simon gave their yesses to the couple.

The couple gave an exceptional performance, but Celina and Filiberto didn’t impress enough to go through the next round.

The couple was then eliminated. The judges and audience gave them standing ovations as they looked shocked but impressed with their skills.

Ray Jessel

Ray Jessel didn’t make it into the list for being rude, but rather for being inappropriate. His choice of song for his performance caught the four judges off-guard. They watched him in disbelief at his original song.

Right after the performance had ended, the former 84-year-old left Mel B and Heidi Klum stunned. As the audience laughed at Ray’s sense of humour, the former Spice Girl proceeded to describe him as “a dirty funny old man.”

Shockingly, the late performer revealed he began performing at the age of 72. His sassiness gave him the four yesses from the judges and made it through the next round. Sadly, Ray passed away the following year due to “natural causes”.

His performance of What She’s Got (The P**** Song) has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube.