America’s Got Talent is filled with many talented aspiring performers, some sing, others dance, but others are just plain scary. Throughout its 17 years and 17 seasons, the show has witnessed many frightening acts.

WARNING: Content of a disturbing nature ahead

The popular talent contest recently aired its newest season, and despite having a lot of heartfelt and dancing performances, some came in strong by freaking out the judges. However, it hasn’t been the first time that the judges were left at a loss for words and scared for their lives.

Reality Titbit lists the top creepiest and scary performances in the history of America’s Got Talent’s 17 seasons on the air. Keep reading (if you dare!)

The Sacred Riana

Season 13 of America’s Got Talent featured one of the most terrifying performances in the show’s history. Before auditioning for AGT, she was already known by millions as the winner of Asia’s Got Talent in 2017.

Known as The Sacred Riana, the girl behind the scary character is Maria Antoinette Riana Graharani from Indonesia. According to Talent Recap, her character is inspired by the classic Japanese horror film, The Ring.

The Indonesian illusionist spooked the audience with her creepy magic and simply her dark presence as she held a doll that resembled Anabelle. During the audition, Riana scared the judges right away and used Mel B as a participant. Her performance consisted of a murder case as they tried to solve a “suicide victim to blame”.

Simon Cowell, who was not enjoying the performance at all, buzzed her out. The Sacred Riana passed onto the next round as Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum said “yes.”

Klenk Entos

Magicians are not exactly new for America’s Got Talent – but scary ones are! However, the beginning of Klek Entos performance started with a big jump from all the judges, and even the production team, on season 16.

The judges were so shocked that they described it as “crazy” as it terrified the audience in less than 6 minutes. After the performance ended, Sofia and Heidi were left with chills when Klek made a spider disappear in smoke.

Klek received all four ‘yes’ responsive and made it to the quarter-finals. Although, his spot in the show left fans upset that he did not receive enough votes to advance to the semi-finals.

Zeno Sputafuoco

Zeno participated in Spain’s Got Talent the previous year but decided to give it a shot on season 17 of AGT. His performance was terrifying and Sofia Vergara’s face said it all.

The native Italian did not speak throughout the entire performance, which created tension with the audience and judges. His starting act was inserting a big spring through his nose, only for it to end up coming out of his mouth.

For his second and last act, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum participate by sitting on a large trolley. Attaching a hook to his nose, he pulled both judges. The audience and the judges applauded in awe and he went on to the next round.

Blade 2 Blade

Simon Cowell might be the toughest judge in America’s Got Talent, but Blade 2 Blade left the Briton shaking.

Although the performance did not implement any ghosts, murders, or big jumps, it gave the judges and especially Simon Cowell the scary journey. His life depended on a knife, literally.

Blade 2 Blade asked Simon to participate in their terrifying knife-wielding act. Warning that they had already hit each other with a knife in the past by accident, the two brothers started strong by scaring the audience. The two even threw the blades blindfolded.

Tyrone and Michael Laner were throwing knives within inches of each other and the audience and judges were petrified. Blindfolded, spinning, and also having a third performer hanging around a pole, it was hair-raising. The judges were concerned after the last knife seemed to have slightly scraped her skin.

Simon took part in the last performance, where he stood in the middle as Tyrone and Michael proceeded to throw knives at the panel. The 66-year-old was shaking at the end, but Blade 2 Blade received all four yeses from the judges.


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