Aubrey Burchell took to the America’s Got Talent stage to perform The Weeknd’s ‘Call Out My Name’. Putting her own emotional spin on the popular track, she seriously impressed the talent show judges.

Spoiler alert: Revealing that she was recently diagnosed with level one autism, Audrey’s America’s Got Talent audition received four yeses. Hoping to inspire viewers across the country, the singer broke down in tears after getting a standing ovation.

“Special” and with the potential for a “skyrocketing career” (Simon Cowell‘s words), she was described as the “perfect package” by judge Sofia Vergara. So just who is Audrey and what does she do for a living?

Meet Aubrey Burchell

Audrey is a 21-year-old singer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She currently earns a living as a Target staff member but admitted that she scurries off to the bathroom on her breaks, singing on camera “to keep herself sane”.

With over 11K followers on Instagram, she often shares TikToks of her singing and is so ambitious that she wants to win Grammys in the future. The singer-songwriter is now a contestant on America’s Got Talent season 17!

She was actually an American Idol contestant in 2018 and currently has 1.92K subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing. Fans can even book Aubrey in for a performance by emailing ‘Heather’ at [email protected]

The AGT singer spoke of her autism

Aubrey revealed that she is a “recently-diagnosed level one autistic” (the mildest level of autism) before adding that she struggled for a very large portion of her life. She addressed other young autistic people who are suffering.

She referenced anyone with autism suffering in silence, and said:

You can follow your passion and you can not fit in the box, and you can just eat at it.

Several viewers watching related to Aubrey’s autism diagnosis, which only added to the emotional performance. By the end of her America’s Got Talent audition, the judges told the singer that she is an inspiration for AGT viewers.

Fans react to the star’s performance

Aubrey’s performance was certainly a tear-jerker. And if the audience on their feet, along with the America’s Got Talent judges, didn’t speak for itself, then the crowds watching from their sofas at home were just as impressed.

One viewer wrote: “You’re my girl Heidi! I always agree with you! I don’t know what the lady’s name was who just saying and made me cry and said she was diagnosed as being autistic I guess. Anyway, I hope she wins!”

Another penned: “As a fellow autistic myself, let me be the first to say, YOU BETTER SING AUBREY!!”

“Wow!!! Killin’ it Aubrey!!! I’ve got to see the whole performance!!! I’m floored!!!, a fan reacted to Aubrey’s audition.



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