America’s Got Talent sees all kinds of acts take to the stage and while some are truly impressive, others find themselves booed out of the competition by the show’s audience. Season 17 has seen many incredible acts get Golden Buzzers but others have gone home without a chance of bagging the $1M prize.

There are often surprises in store when it comes to the NBC show, Golden Buzzer act Madison Taylor Baez was plucked out of the audience before blowing the judges and audience away in 2022. And during the third round of auditions on June 14th, WWE stars The Bella Twins, had AGT judges and viewers fooled with a hilarious prank. So, let’s take a look at the Bella sisters’ AGT performance…

bella sisters agt
Screenshot: OMG! Duo Rag Dolls Prank The Judges With an Audition Brawl | AGT 2022

Who are the Bella sisters?

The Bella sisters – better known as The Bella Twins – are identical twin sisters who were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

Brianna (Brie) and Nicole (Nikki) Garcia-Colace were born in California in 1983 and made their wrestling debut in 2007 at the age of 24.

The twins announced their retirement from the sport in 2019. Nikki is a judge in 2022 on America’s Got Talent Extreme and they also have a podcast together called The Bellas Podcast.

Bella Sisters AGT
Photo by Matthew Bolt/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bella Sisters’ AGT performance

Stepping out on stage as Duo Rag Dolls, The Bella Twins were in costume from head to toe in a bid to dupe the AGT judges and viewers into thinking that they were a real act on the show.

The two performed a “cosplay-broadway” dance routine as Stefani and Monique which got them four ‘nos’ and a lot of booing from the crowd.

At the end of their audition, the two broke into a brawl on stage shocking the judges and audience. The Bellas then unveiled themselves and had Simon Cowell, Terry Crews and co in stitches.

Some AGT fans knew it was a prank

While the America’s Got Talent studio audience appeared to be shocked at The Bella Twins’ big reveal during the June 14th episode, many fans of the show took to Twitter to share that they had an inkling it was the WWE stars in disguise.

One person tweeted: “Towards the beginning of that audition, I was thinking they sounded like the Bella twins”.

Another said: “Wait a minute… My Spidey senses are tingling. AGT. I see you.”

A Bella Twins fan wrote: “I KNEW IT WAS THE BELLA TWINS THEIR VOICES!!! I’m too obsessed not to know.”