RuPaul’s Drag Race is churning out content like we’ve never seen before. Just as season 12 of the OG American series ended, Secret Celebrity Drag Race and All Stars 5 was ready to commence. Now, we even have the first-ever series of Canada’s Drag Race to keep us entertained!

The first series of Canada’s Drag Race kicks off on July 2nd, premiering on the WOW Presents Plus streaming service, on Crave in Canada and BBC Three in the UK on July 3rd.

From the looks of the series’ first trailer, we can expect as much drama, glamour and sass as ever.

So, without further ado, we thought it best to get to know the queens of Canada’s Drag Race. We found them all on Instagram to get to know them better!

Screenshot: Canada’s Drag Race Trailer – WOWPresents YouTube

Canada’s Drag Race: Cast

Screenshot: Canada’s Drag Race Trailer – WOWPresents YouTube

Meet the queens on Instagram – Anastarzia Anaquway

Anastarzia, whose real name is Jermaine Aranha, is a 37-year-old queen from Toronto.

Currently, Anastarzia has over 5,800 follows on Instagram. From her profile, we also found that Anastarzia is a pageant queen and was Miss Black Continental at Large 2019.

Instagram: @anaquway


BOA gets her name from her real name, Ryan Boa. But she’s also used BOA as an acronym for ‘B**** On Arrival’.

This 24 year old also hails from Toronto and will have no doubt have come across Anastarzia. Although BOA already has more of a following with 11,200 supporters on Instagram and blue tick verification.

Instagram: @boathedragqueen

Ilona Verley

Ilona Verley is a 24-year-old queen from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Already, Ilona has the third biggest following of the Canada’s Drag Race stars with 21,100 followers on Instagram.

Instagram: @ilonaverley


Jimbo – James Insell – is a 34 year old from Victoria, British Columbia.

On Instagram, Jimbo describes herself as a drag queen, clone, and designer. It’s likely all three of these talents will work in her favour on Drag Race – Jimbo could be the one to beat!

Instagram: @jimbothedragclown

Juice Boxx

Juice Boxx, whose real name is Jo Primeau, is a 30-year-old from Toronto. She also describes herself as a “Fitness Princess” on Instagram.

This queen plays Baby Spice in Spice Queens Live, the #1 Spice Girls drag show in Canada. Here’s hoping she’s bringing some of that stage presence come July 2nd!

Instagram: @juiceboxxofficial

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Kiara is a 22-year-old queen from Montreal, and is one of the younger competitors.

Despite Kiara’s young age, this queen certainly knows how to perform. We’re expecting big things!



Aged just 21, Kyne is the youngest queen of the group. Kyne, whose real name is Kyne Santos comes from Kitchener, Ontario.

Her Instagram bio reads: “I am a shooting star leaping through the skies, there’s no stopping me.” Probably taken from Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, but either way, we’re here for the confidence!

Instagram: @onlinekyne


Another young cast member, at just 24 years old, is Lemon.

Lemon hails from New York City and as of yet there is little known about the drag queen. She definitely knows how to glam up but we’ll have to see how Lemon fares against the competition. Will glam be enough?

Instagram: @lemongivesyoulife


Priyanka – real name Mark “Suki” Suknanan – has the second largest following on Instagram of all the Canada’s Drag Race queens. She has over 22,600 followers and counting.

Priyanka is a 28 year old from Toronto.

Instagram: @thequeenpriyanka

Rita Baga

Rita Baga is a 34-year-old queen from Montreal. Her real name is Jean-François Guevrement.

Instagram: @ritabagaz

Scarlett BoBo

In Scarlett’s Instagram bio, she reveals that she is a fire swallower, aerial silk artist, self-described “circus freak” and “travelling party girl.”

Scarlett, whose real name is Matthew Cameron, is a 29 year old from Toronto.

Instagram: @itsscarlettbobo

Tynomi Banks

At the age of 38, Tynomi is the eldest queen in the competition. In her Instagram bio, Tynomi describes herself as the “grandmother figure on season #1 of Canada’s Dragrace.”

Tynomi, real name Sheldon McIntosh, has the largest Instagram following of 31,700.

Instagram: @tynomibanks