Following three sold-out West End runs and a smash hit UK tour, Death Drop is back! We managed to squeeze five minutes into Cheryl Hole’s busy Death Drop schedule to discuss the drag murder mystery sensation.

Death Drop: Back In The Habit is a laugh-a-minute show that features some star-studded casting, from RuPaul’s Drag Race US legend Willam to RuPaul Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole and a full drag supporting cast. Tickets for the tour are on sale at

Death Drop Back In The Habit
Pictured: The cast of Death Drop Back In The Habit photocall

‘It is such a wild ride’

Death Drop: Back In The Habit hit the stage at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre last week and Cheryl was quick to tell us the show is running as sweet as a nut.

“It is such a wild ride. I haven’t done proper theatre for quite some time so I’ve been really enjoying throwing myself into it,” Cheryl said. “We are in our second week of the show being up and it’s just getting to that fine-tuning stage now where it’s all starting to fully come together. I’m very settled and comfortable and so excited for everybody to come see it.”

‘An element of eeriness’

Death Drop: Back In The Habit is TuckShop’s second UK theatre tour and it’s safe to say the first run went extremely well with several sell-out shows nationwide. On asking Cheryl how this show differs from the first, she was quick to tell us to get ready to be on the edge of our seats.

Cheryl said: “The first death drop was definitely high camp and, while this still has that element, because what we do as drag artists is just high camp and ridiculousness, this one actually has an element of eeriness to it.

“It is that balance of eerie whilst being absolutely kooky, campy and ridiculous. So I enjoyed that element. I’m not a big horror fan as such, but I have been enjoying hearing the audience reactions because it’s a very big jump from the first death drop.”

‘I’m definitely up to mischief’

Boasting a cast of Drag Race talent as well as several British drag legends, the rehearsal content had us in stitches as there were pranks, tomfoolery and all-round chaotic shenanigans left right and centre. And on asking Cheryl who was up to the most mischief, she was quick to blame herself.

“I’m definitely up to mischief backstage. I’m always up for a laugh and a giggle and I think, because we’re so comfortable in the show now, we could just have fun with it and really push certain bits of it,” Cheryl said. “I’ve got a game at the moment between the dressing rooms where I’m leaving things in there and we are just seeing where it actually ends up. So who knows where it’s gonna end up today?”

Cheryl Hole
Pictured: Cheryl Hole for Death Drop Back In The Habit photocall

‘It’s a very technical show’

Cheryl Hole is known for her killer personality and iconic catchphrases. However, walking on to a theatre stage sounds very different to a day on the Drag Race UK set. Cheryl wanted to let us know her most tricky part of the rehearsal process.

Cheryl said: “It’s a very technical show so just making sure everything’s hit at the right moment, everything lands at the right moment, because it’s not just us on stage. There’s a lot of lighting and sound cues that come from our actions.

“You have to be at the right time at the right place in the right spot. Our tech took about three days because it was so technical. We had to make sure it was perfect before we went up.”

Cheryl Hole Death Drop Performance
Pictured: Cheryl Hole for Death Drop Back In The Habit on stage


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