RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S4 returned last night as Supermodel Leomie Anderson joined the judging panel to assist RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Alan Carr in making the difficult decision of sending Cheltenham’s very own Copper Topp home.

Drag Race UK returned to screens for episode 3 last night as the remaining 10 queens sashayed their way into the ‘Werk Room’ where RuPaul wanted to test their creative sewing skills in a bingo-themed design challenge.

After the episode aired on BBC Three, drag fans from across the globe were gobsmacked by the unfortunate elimination of Copper Topp who put in a strong fight against Black Peppa in one hell of a lip-sync showdown to Jaax Jones’ iconic track This Is Real.

Drag Race UK S4
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“This will get a boot from me”

RuPaul declared the bottom two queens would lip sync to Jax Jones’ track ‘This Is Real’ performed by Ella Henderson. This week, a video went viral of Ella performing at a conservative party which caused one hell of an uproar. Copper was quick to tell us why she thought it was the wrong move.

Copper said: “So here’s the thing, I love Ella Henderson. I think she’s got a fabulous voice, fabulous career. Do I think this was the wrong move? 100%.”

“This will get a boot from me. I don’t what her political persuasion is, but I think if you are going to be an ally and also take money from pride events then just step gently in my love. It’s not something that I agree with and when I saw it on social media, I was like, Oh no, not this. Let’s give her an opportunity to explain herself”

Copper Topp Black Peppa
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4,06-10-2022,3,Copper Topp and Black Peppa in the lip sync,World of Wonder,Guy Levy

“Let’s just celebrate each other, we’ve had enough trouble”

Copper Topp, unfortunately, landed in the bottom two with Black Peppa after designing their own runway look. When asking Copper about the online reception after the elimination and the hate that is directed at the queens, she was sure to try and uplift her sisterhood.

“I’ve watched Drag Race before and you see the queens walk down the runway and not every outfit is gonna be to your taste 100%, but there is no need to go ‘Your drag is beep beep beep’ because that’s just nasty.”

“Let’s just celebrate each other we’ve had enough trouble, thank you very much. Let’s lift each other up and find something we did like, you know, you might not like the sleeves, but you might love the crotch. It’s like, find the things you liked, find what you enjoyed in the presentation, because at the end of the day, um, all of the queens are human beings”

“Misunderstood is a good word”

Copper Topp stomped the runway in episode one with gay slurs plastered over her outfit as she tried to reclaim the words of her traumatic childhood. Upon asking Copper about the judge’s critiques and being misunderstood, she felt like the judges didn’t understand her style of drag.

“100% misunderstood sometimes. Let’s take my first runway, the Ru are you? look. Walking down the runway, you don’t always expect that it’s gonna be 100% about fashion. I know the runway is gonna have fashion aspects, which is why I sort of had the Moschino arms.

“There’s so many different sides to drag and there’s no one way of doing drag. There’s, there’s no rule book necessarily. It’s, it’s about doing what you want. So I think coming on and kind of having a story with it and making it orange and bright. Misunderstood is a good word”

RuPaul’s Drag Race Series 4 airs on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer


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