Drag Race UK S4 returned last night as Spice Girls legend Mel B joined the judging panel to assist RuPaul, Michelle Visage and Alan Carr in making the difficult decision of sending Brighouse’s very own Le Fil home.

Drag Race UK returned to screens for episode 6 last night, as the remaining seven queens sashayed their way into the ‘Werk Room’, where the group was challenged to take part in fan favourite challenge the ‘Snatch Game’

After the episode aired on BBC Three, drag fans from across the globe were devastated by the unfortunate elimination of Le Fil, who put in a strong fight against Black Peppa in one hell of a lip-sync showdown to ‘Stop’ by the Spice Girls.

Black Peppa Le Fil
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“I felt quite sidelined”

Le Fil stole the hearts of the nation after being bold and courageous with her fashion and always bringing her culture to the runway. When asking Le Fil how it has been receiving the fan reaction, she was quick to say it has ‘been really nice’

Le Fil said: “It’s been really nice to sort of see the responses cuz I think like having been on the show and, and sort of experiencing that type of feeling firsthand.

“I felt sometimes I felt quite sidelined and I’m not the most loudest but not quiet. I’m humble and I try and say I don’t talk up with people and I try not to be shady. I always think WWKD, what would Kylie do? I wanna keep it classy.

“I did feel like sometimes I was a bit sidelined so, by the time the Rusical came about, I was like, okay, well I don’t wanna be in a side roll, like I want a lead role and I wanna show you that.”

“You could have done that if you had £10,000”

Drag fans from all across the globe are extremely vocal on social media when they believe a queen should have acted or looked a different way. Asking Le Fil about the biggest misconception Drag Race fans have about the show, she wanted to let us know that time is an important factor when it comes to the filming process.

Le Fil said, “When we sometimes see review shows, they’re like ‘they could have done this or they could have done that’. I was like, yes, you could have done that if you had 10,000 pounds. You could have done that if you had 10 weeks.

“We are working to a very tight schedule and the whole process is a bit like the design challenge. You’ve got six hours; we need to see what you can do. You have to make those decisions so quick!”

“Ru’s gonna spook us every single week”

Drag Race fans have been quick to notice that, in recent seasons, RuPaul has been sure to push queens into playing a specific character on snatch game. Upon asking Le Fil how it feels in that moment when Ru enters the Werk Room to offer advice, Le Fil told it is really like Ru is their boss.

“Like when you say Ru spooks you, it’s like you have to please Ru so Ru’s gonna spook us every single week. Unless they pay your bill, pay them no mind like that type of thing. It’s like Ru is our head boss, so we gotta get used to it.

“Even for me, like there was, there was a discussion about doing Posh Spice with a Chinese accent and I was like, okay, I could try and figure this out and I’ll try and work it out and then, in the end, I was like, nah, I can’t do that at all. Like I have to stick with my guns.”

Le Fil Drag Race UK S4
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4,27-10-2022,6,6,Le Fil,World of Wonder,Guy Levy

“I’m just super thankful”

Meeting with Le Fil, we were desperate to know how it felt to represent the Asian community on such a huge stage.

Le Fil said, “I really wanted to express something which I haven’t seen and the fact that then people resonate with it is what has been really beautiful, and I think the more that I’ve done work in my whole like career like and not having had the chance to have the platform to connect with people.”

“I’ve been doing this for years. It’s been on a website domain somewhere that no one has typed. So to be able to present that like this at this window of time to showcase the stuff that I’ve done has been such an amazing thing. I’m just super thankful that it can come out and to be able to express all the stuff that I’ve had for like years. I’m age timeless anyway so I’m not that old. I just have a lot of wealth of work.”


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