Drag Race UK S4 returned last night as Years & Years icon Olly Alexander joined the judging panel to assist RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Alan Carr in making the difficult decision to send Brighton’s very own Pixie Polite home.

Drag Race UK returned to screens for episode 9 last night as the remaining five queens sashayed their way into the ‘Werk Room’ where the queens’ comedy skills were put to the test as they took to a stand for a Comedy Roast challenge entitled The General Erection.

After the episode aired on BBC Three, drag fans from across the globe were devastated by the unfortunate elimination of Pixie Polite, who put in a strong fight against lip-sync assassin of the season Black Peppa in one hell of a showdown to Another One Bites The Dust by Queen.

Pixie Polite
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‘I’m feeling a lot of love from many people’

Pixie made it all the way to the top five of the competition as she killed each challenge presented to her. On asking Pixie about how she found watching her elimination back, she said she felt “happy” and “positive”.

“I’m happy and positive about everything. I really enjoyed the episode and I’ve had lots and lots of love on social media,” said Pixie. “Lots of people are saying ‘you were robbed’, you know, which I kind of agree with. I’m just kidding, I’m feeling a lot of love from many people considering some of the negative fan reactions I had earlier in the series.”

‘It did get really bad for me in terms of fan reaction’

Throughout the series Drag Race UK fans have been quick to critique Pixie on her witty attitude and style of drag, which led to her taking a break from social media. When Pixie was asked what she had to say about her time coping with the reaction, she opened up on the pressures she was under.

Pixie said: “To be honest, throughout the season from earlier on, to sort of, later on, it did get really bad for me in terms of fan reaction. I have learned over the weeks to let it bother me less. I think it’s very important to take something negative and reclaim it in a positive way because the people who love you will think it’s sick that you’ve trolled the trolls. The people who hate you will still be mad anyways. So who actually cares?

“Shame on those people who think it’s ok to do that. We are real human beings and just normal people who’ve suddenly been thrusting for a spotlight. I think people forget that, just because we are on the television, it’s not an invitation and I think it’s something that’s always been prevalent, you know, maybe in the wide Drag Race fandom. Unfortunately, as a community, we are very overly critical of each other sometimes.”

‘We’re on a reality television show, we can’t sit there and not talk’

Drag Race UK has been on everybody’s lips as fans are desperate for their weekly fix of glitter, comedy and a whole lot of drama. Throughout the series, Pixie got into a few rather heated discussions with Jonbers Blonde. On asking Pixie about the infamous make-over challenge argument, she stood by all of her comments.

“All I was really saying was I agree with the judges,” said Pixie. “We’ve got to talk, we’re on a reality television show, we can’t sit there and not talk. When I brought it up I was trying to give her [Jonbers] a chance to explain because the judges were like ‘what does it really tell us about you?’ I was kind of trying to give her a chance in her own words to explain her point of view and, unfortunately, Jonbers has an Irish whiskey fire that sometimes erupts from her and she does get a bit fiery.

“I never felt like I was truly coming for her but, unfortunately, at that point tensions are high so she was quite offended, but I think part of that was just her feeling the pressure at that point and not having a badge. I can understand her point of view and I did bring it up quite a lot so I can’t blame her for being a bit annoyed.”

Pixie Polite Comedy Roast
RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4,17-11-2022,9,9,Pixie Polite,World of Wonder,Guy Levy

‘It didn’t shock me or throw me in any way’

“The show must go on basically is what was going through my mind,” said Pixie. “It didn’t even shock me or throw me in any way. As soon as my hands hit the floor, I was ready to go. I wanted to put on a great performance but going into that lip sync, I was going to struggle because I was in heels that were six-inch platforms, which anyone who knows me will tell you I’d never go anywhere in anything higher than a two-inch kitten heel.”


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