EXCLUSIVE: Drag Race UK star Tia Kofi spoke exclusively to Reality Titbit at the Attitude Pride Awards about the “terrible” All Stars 7 twist that has caused quite the stir.

All Stars 7 is the show on everybody’s lips after RuPaul declared that the queens could win 3 ‘Legendary Legend Stars’ in the semi-final which well and truly shook up the competition.

After snatching 3 legendary legend stars each, Monet X Change and Shea Coulee secured their place in the top 4 alongside Season 4’s Jinkx Monsoon and Season 9’s Trinity The Tuck.

Tia Kofi at 'Six' photocall
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“I thought it was a terrible twist”

Speaking exclusively to Tia Kofi at Attitude’s Pride Awards we were desperate to find out about what she thought about the ‘gag worthy’ twist.

“I thought it was a terrible twist. It just made the however many previous episodes redundant. The winner is probably going to be Jinkx but I want it to be Monet. I want Monet to win because she does it how she does it and she’s very authentic and real.

“RuPaul if you’re reading this I thought it was an amazing twist, please have me back and I’ll win.”

Tia would ‘love’ to return to Drag Race

She added: “I would absolutely love to go back to Drag Race. I would so excited to show everyone the glow up.

“I’m not sure if everybody’s been keeping up to date with the Instagram but she’s been working on it. She’s not an ice-cream cone anymore.

“I’d be really excited to bring the fashion as that is something I’ve been working really hard on. Who knows? Maybe I could win!”

Drag Race UK S2 photocall
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Drag Race gone wild

Tia competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S2 and quickly became a fan favourite after several hilarious moments that left the fanbase obsessed. Speaking on her bonds with her fellow cast mates she was quick to say who she still keeps in contact with.

“I talk to Lawrence Chaney every single day, Veronica Green too and also Joe Black,” she declared.

“I’m also close with queens from other seasons. Me and Cheryl Hole were just out in Gran Canaria together with Victoria Scone. Why didn’t nobody film that, it’d be better than a season of Drag Race.

“Drag Race gone WILD!”


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