Drag Race legends Alaska 5000 and Willam opened up and spilled all about unseen All Stars 7 drama in an exclusive Instagram Live tell-all with Reality Titbit. They also gave their personal opinions on this year’s queens.

The glamazons sat down and spoke to our senior social editor, Ryan Wilks, as he asked them what fans should expect from their highly-anticipated tour arriving on UK shores next month.

Both Alaska and Willam also dished on what happens behind the scenes at Drag Race

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Alaska ‘impressed’ by All Stars 7 queens

Asking the Race Chaser Podcast hosts who they have been most impressed with so far on All Stars 7, Alaska said she has been impressed by everybody and said:

I think everybody is doing really great and I think the fact that nobody goes home has taken a lot of pressure off the girls so they really get to be the best version of who they are and they’re not worried about what other people are doing. It has been really good to watch everybody just hit home runs every episode.

Willam hit back and spilled a very interesting unseen moment, but we don’t know if if it will make it to air. The queen said: “If you’re actually friends with the girls and take to them, they’re editing out the crickets and the bad stuff.”

Willam says Raja ‘screams at Michelle’

“There is this one showdown with Raja and I don’t know if it’s going to make the air but she gives it to someone who has needed it given to for a long time and this bi**h gets it.”

Alaska was more than shocked and asked Willam who she was referring to, to which she sneakily stated Raja angrily screamed at none other than resident judge Michelle Visage.

Willam added: “She screams at her. She is backstage yelling ‘fire her’ and ‘she’s not on my level’ because she tried to read her. Certain people judge us, and they have no qualifications to judge us apart from them being friends with the host or going to vogue balls in the Eighties and saying Madonna stole her act.”

Reality Titbit has contacted Raja for comment.

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Alaska would return to All Stars

As fans were unhappy to find out Alaska wouldn’t be competing on the all winners season of All Stars 7 after snatching the crown on All Stars 2, Reality Titbit asked her whether she would be open to returning.

She said: “I will go back if they ask me but I’m really grateful to not be there trying to do courtroom challenges as a pig. I don’t know what I’d be doing.”

You can still snatch tickets for the Race Chaser Live tour at RaceChaserLive.com. Alaska said we can expect “stunts, shows, shenanigans, thrills and surprises.” The queen added:

We want to bring the podcast to life but we don’t just want to sit there and speak into a microphone. We’ll be doing numbers. We also have the ‘spit crew’ with a bunch of naked men in shoes.