Elijah McCormick endured a near-fatal car accident in 2019. The singer told his story during his American Idol audition in 2023.

Singing God Bless The Broken Road during his audition, Elijah had the judges, particularly Lionel Richie, in tears. Just three years after the “terrifying” crash, Elijah continued to follow his passion for singing on the talent show.

It’s safe to say that the American Idol star blew the judges away with his performance. The fact that he almost died multiple times after the 2019 car accident made him all the more remarkable.

Elijah McCormick auditions wearing blue top for American Idol after car accident in 2019
Credit: American Idol YouTube channel/ American Idol

Who is Elijah McCormick?

Elijah McCormick is a 21-year-old singer who hails from Raeford, North Carolina.

He has been singing since he was six years old. Elijah added that fell in love with singing even more when he was in high school. However, he endured an horrific car crash in 2019.

Speaking on American Idol, Elijah said: “I was not supposed to be here so I have to fulfill my purpose.”

After performing during his audition, the judges compared Elijah’s voice to that of late American Idol star Willie Spence.

Elijah McCormick was in a car accident

On June 8, 2019, Elijah McCormick celebrated his graduation.

Around three hours after his graduation, he was on his way home when he got into a serious car crash.

Elijah was just a mile away from home when he got into a car accident and his vehicle caught fire.

Speaking on American Idol, Elijah’s mother, Teshauna, said that she got a phone call and initially thought that it was a “fender bender,” but when she got there “it was terrifying.”

He had to learn to walk and talk again

Elijah was recovered from the accident and taken to hospital. In a helicopter on the way there, he flatlined, and he did so again in the hospital a total of nine times.

He spent 79 days in the hospital and had around 10 surgeries including open heart surgery and dialysis.

The American Idol star had to learn to walk and talk again. His mother said that his first question after learning to speak was: “Momma can I still sing?”


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