The Masked Singer is back for another season and this time the competition is more brutal than ever, with only one contestant moving forward from each group stage – but with only two of the three celebrities being unmasked in the first episode it begs the question, who is Hummingbird?

The hit singing competition, which originated as The King of Mask Singer in South Korea, returned to Fox on Wednesday, September 21.

In a new twist, three of the four celebrities will be eliminated in each first round, with only the top-scoring singer moving forwards in the competition. While two of the four were unmasked in the first episode, the third, Hummingbird, will be unmasked next week.

Let’s take a look at all the theories guessing at who is behind the Hummingbird mask this season.

Nick Cannon and Humminbird stand on The Masked Singer stage
Screenshot: Hummingbird Performs “I Don’t Want To Be” By Gavin Degraw | Season 8 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER YouTube

All the clues about Hummingbird on The Masked Singer

As is the way on The Masked Singer, each contestant reveals clues to the judges and audience which helps them guess who is behind the mask.

No clue package was made available leading up to the series premiere, but there are a number of clues dropped throughout the first Masked Singer episode.

The X-Ray clue revealed a flower inside Hummingbird – could this be a nod to flower power? Hummingbird is also suited up and has two rings. The two rings have some speculating that Hummingbird could be an athlete, considering athletes hold Super Bowl rings, NBA rings etc.

Hummingbird said on the show that competition “is in [their] DNA” and that he got his start with the help of “Shaq” to form a “patriotic team that felt like family” and “dominated the Super Bowl.”

The judges guess who is behind the Hummingbird mask

Ken Jeong was certain that Hummingbird is an American footballer putting forth Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as suggestions.

Robin Thicke continued down the football path suggesting Deion Sanders as Hummingbird.

Jenny McCarthy was convinced by Hummingbird’s vocals and suggested that Hummingbird was a singer by profession. Her suggestions were Uncle Kracker, Rob Thomas, and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.

Masked Singer fans say they’ll be guessing who Hummingbird is ‘for a whole week’

WARNING: The identity of Hummingbird is yet to be revealed but the correct identity might be listed below

Since the premiere of The Masked Singer season 8, viewers have been guessing about the identity of Hummingbird.

One fan is certain that Hummingbird is Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC. Another agreed tweeting: “I’m 70% sure that The Hummingbird is Chris Kirkpatrick on The Masked Singer because it sounds just like him, the built & how he stands looks like him, it showed 71 the year that Chris was born, the cowboy hat because him & his family live in

“Shame on The Masked Singer for dragging this out a whole week,” one frustrated fan tweeted.



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