Franki Moscato has proved that being eliminated from American Idol didn’t stop her from going on to be successful. She recently had the honour of singing the anthem at NASCAR’s recent racing event.

The singer didn’t make it to the Top 20 of the 2019 singing competition but has ended up singing at various events since she launched to fame three years ago. She may not be verified on Instagram yet but is certainly well-known.

Franki is said to have been spotted by a member of the show’s staff and given a chance to audition via Skype before eight producers. They flew her from Wisconsin for that audition during her late teenage years.

Get to know NASCAR’s Franki Moscato

Franki, whose full name is Francesca Josefine Moscato, is a singer-songwriter who recently sang NASCAR’s anthem. From Oshkosh, Wisconsin, she appeared on American Idol season 17 at the age of 17.

Now 20, the artist is founder of a non-profit called Franki Moscato Foundation, which focuses on preventing suicide in young adults. For years, she has performed the national anthem across locations in her home state.

She has acted and told stories on camera from a young age, including being a solo pianist and singer for her local Catholic church, St. Raphael’s, where she plays for its Sunday services.

Her American Idol journey

Franki appeared on American Idol’s 2019 competition. She won the golden ticket but was later eliminated by the judges during the show’s Hollywood Week, when she sang Who You Are.

She had originally auditioned in Idaho until she became part of a cast of 175 performers who moved on to Los Angeles. However, Franki was among several artists whose elimination was not shown that week, as per Post Crescent.

As Franki regularly performed during the Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market, several viewers instantly recognised her during her Idol appearance. It comes after years of experience of singing, having performed since the age of 11.

Franki’s post-Idol singing success

Franki recently sang NASCAR’s anthem at a Road America event. She revealed that she is now a “super fan” after the event became her “first race car performance”, as told on Instagram.

She uploaded a video of her singing the anthem to YouTube and wrote:

I was invited to sing for this amazing road race event! This was my first race car performance and everyone was so kind to me and my family. God Bless NASCAR and this incredible show of so many moving parts!

Aside from focusing on preventing teen suicide, Franki has been interviewed by WFRV, sang the national anthem at various places such as Marquette University and done a campaign for Festival Foods!


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