Get to know Erika Lemay, AGT Extreme's Golden Buzzer act

Get to know Erika Lemay, AGT Extreme's Golden Buzzer act

The first-ever season of America’s Got Talent: Extreme has come to a close, and the winner of the show was crowned last night.

America’s Got Talent: Extreme aired for the first time in February 2022 and is a spinoff show for AGT. The show focuses on stunt performances and extreme talents, which has left us all on the edge of our seats.

The judges featured on the show are Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella and Travis Pastrana. Terry Crews is also on the show, appearing as the host.

Erika Lemay is amongst the contestants who thinks she has what it takes to win the crown, but who is the extreme performer? Let’s find out…

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Who is Erika Lemay?

Erika Lemay is best known for her appearance on AGT Extreme, and starring in numerous Cirque du Soleil events. Cirque du Soleil is an entertainment company, and the largest circus producer in the world, so this is a huge achievement for Erika.

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Erika will be turning 39 on the 23rd of March 2022. She has always been interested in entertaining, as she began ballet at four years old.

She has won the hearts of viewers all over the world with her insane talent and physical poetry. Before her appearance on the show, Erika was nominated as the New Queen of Circus by Vanity Fair.

Erika Lemay: LEMAlab

Alongside her career in the entertainment industry, Erika is also the founder of a health and wellness company.

Erika explained on the website that due to spending decades training eight hours per day and spending most of her time in pain, she “deep-dived into everything there is to know about the human body, hormone secretion for recovery and flexibility, and lifestyle hacks that could give me the best chance at an elite and long-lasting career.”

She found that Collagen peptides became a great tool, and was able to use LEMAlab to create these products and put them on the market whilst maintaining high ethical and quality standards.

Viewers were in awe over Erika’s performance

Viewers of the show absolutely loved Erika’s performance, and we don’t blame them, as it’s no surprise that her incredible act won the golden buzzer.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Erika Lemay definitely deserved that. She is stunning, talented and that was just so beautiful”. Another fan of the show said: “Erika was amazing I loved it and everyone gave her the golden buzzer too”.

Simon Cowell wasn’t the only person who referred to her act as looking similar to the Disney movie, Up, as one viewer also said on Twitter: “Erika could literally be in a real-life version of the movie ‘Up'”.



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