The Greatest Dancer live shows have officially kicked off as of Saturday, February 2nd!

Simon Cowell was even in the house for the launch of the lives which saw all the finalists perform their hearts out.

Harry and Eleiyah, Frobacks, The Globe Girls, Dane Bates Collective, Ellie, KLA, Company Jinks, James and Oliver and Prospects Fraternity are all made it to the live shows.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Greatest Dancer Act ‘Dane Bates Collective’.
The Greatest Dancer Ep 5 Dane Bates Collective – BBC

Dane Bates Collective Choreographer

Dane Bates Collective is comprised of nine girls aged between 13 and 19 years old.

Ellie, Abbie, Charlotte, Maddison, Sasha, Paige, Ruby, Hermione, Morgana all make up Dane Bates Collective.

In 2017 the group was formed by dance teacher and choreographer, Dane Bates.

They now come together once a month to rehearse.
The Greatest Dancer Ep 5 Dane Bates Collective – BBC

Who is Dane Bates?

Dane describes himself in his Twitter bio as choreographer, dancer and teacher.

He holds a weekly class at Pineapple Dance Studios every Saturday between 12 and 1 pm.

Dane is also a Can You Dance? Tutor. His profile states that he trained at London Studio Centre and upon graduation, he went on to work in Theatre, TV and cruises.

Dane Bates Collective Performance

During the first live show, Dane Bates Collective blew their dance captain Cheryl away with their performance to Beyonce’s ‘Runnin”.

Cheryl was in tears by the end of the performance and said: “You girls kill me. Dane, you’re a legend. Girls you really don’t have to thank me, it’s you that put the work in.”

Dane Bates collective gained 93.5% of the audience’s vote and went on to the second round of live shows.
Screen Shot: The Greatest Dancer Ep 5 Dane Bates Collective – BBC


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