RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 7 will crown its queen on tonight’s finale, who will take home a record $200K, but how have previous queens splashed the cash?

In a blink of an eye, Drag Race: All Stars 7 is wrapping up next week on July 29, where RuPaul will be crowning his Queen of All Queens. What made this installment extraordinary was the decision to exclusively bring back winners, so the lip-syncing performances and Snatch Game impersonations were legendary.

The ultimate queen will be snapping up bragging rights, as well as $200K – the largest prize money to date. Previous winners won cash and a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) makeup.

This year’s contestants revealed how they wisely – or unreasonably – flaunted the Benjamins.

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Cheesecake Factory feasts and Theraguns were on the wish list

Unfortunately, UK winner The Vivienne didn’t receive prize money because the show airs on BBC Three, a public-funded channel, so sponsorships are not allowed.

The Welsh queen got to star in her own digital series produced by the creators of Drag Race instead.

Shea Couleé

Shea placed third on season 9 but proved she was drag material with her All Stars 5 comeback. She won $100,000 and a one-year supply of ABH.

We’re delighted to reveal that the Chicago native didn’t use her money foolishly. She bought a house and went on holiday with 12 of her friends to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Real Housewives style.

“We rented a villa, we had a staff, two infinity pools, girl, we were living the absolute life. It was like the best vacation ever taken. Everybody paid, I’m nobody’s sugar mama!” she told Entertainment Weekly.


As season 3’s winner, she earned $75,000 and a lifetime supply of Kryolan make-up in 2011. One of first things she purchased was a Louis Vuitton duffel bag, which costs about $2,600 today.

“It’s my favorite thing, it’s so sentimental to me. At the time it seemed so luxurious to own, but that’s probably the most sentimental thing that I ever used out of the $75,000 that I got,” she admitted.

She always wears a necklace with her name on it because it’s a good luck charm purchased with the prize money.

Monét X Change

Monét X Change placed sixth in Drag Race before stealing the crown in All Stars 4. With $100K, she purchased a Theragun, but it wasn’t even the real deal. She spent a mere $20 on a Marshall’s version and majorly regrets it.

With the remaining $90,980, she sensibly paid off her student loans.

Jinkx Monsoon

Here comes a questionable decision: going “wild” at The Cheesecake Factory. Jinkx Monsoon won $100K in 2013 and went all-out on desserts and fountain drinks.

After recovering from the sugar high, the drag queen bought a home in her hometown of Portland, Oregon years later.

Yvie Oddly

Yvie Oddly – real name Jovan Bridges – called her decision to splurge $100K on more drag “the dumbest thing”. She already won with her drag skills, so why need more?

She’s currently in the process of becoming a homeowner this year after putting the money into an investment account.

Trinity The Tuck

The 36-year-old won All Stars 4 alongside Monét X Change. Thankfully, they both received $100K. Surprisingly, she wasn’t the only queen to spend it on drag.

“I mean, drag is dumb. Don’t do it. Don’t start it. If you’re thinking about it, it ruins your life. Don’t do it. It’s not for everyone.”

She’s also a proud homeowner and took a long holiday after the win.

Jaida Essence Hall

The season 12 winner is known for her extravagant costumes dripped in jewels, so it made perfect sense that she splurge on a Versace teddy bear, which she named Gian E Hall. The stuffed bear has its own Instagram with a follower count likely higher than ours combined.

“It’s kind of ridiculous because it’s a teddy bear that cost $400, but it’s a cute teddy bear and that’s my baby,” she said. “He doesn’t talk back to me, he doesn’t disrespect me, he just sits there and loves me,” the performer added. Can’t blame her, that’s everything you can ask of a toy.



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