It seems that TV’s Mr.Nasty might actually have a softer side after it was announced that the BGT judge is going vegan.

The 59-year-old has become the latest celebrity to make the switch to a plant-based diet, but what does the diet actually consist of and how can you do it?

Find out all the details on Simon Cowell‘s new vegan diet below…

Simon Cowell

Why did Simon Cowell go vegan?

Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell drastically changed his eating habits after finding out he had a large number of food allergies.

Speaking to The Sun about his lifestyle change, he explained that after speaking to a doctor he decided to start eating vegan foods, “Within 24 hours I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better,”.

However, the X Factor mogul has yet to go completely vegan as he is still eating fish but has pledged to go entirely plant-based by his 60th birthday on 7th October 2019.

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What foods did he cut out?

It seems that Simon is just like the rest of us and loves to gorge on comfort foods, naming spag bol and jam tarts among his favourite treats.

However, he has now left the high-calorie foods behind in a bid to get healthy, as well as significantly cutting down on his alcohol intake and cigarettes.

Speaking to The Sun about the changes to his diet he said: “I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar — those were the four main things.”

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How to do Simon Cowell’s vegan diet

If you want to do Simon’s vegan diet, it means avoiding all animal products, meaning no meat or dairy.

The BGT judge is super into dairy-free alternatives, stating that he has swapped his morning yoghurts for almond-milk yoghurts, and is even using almond milk in his cuppa’s.

As well as eating dairy-free products, Simon stated that he has also upped his fruit intake, but is making sure to avoid fruits with high sugar content.

Speaking to The Sun about sticking to his new vegan diet he said:

Once you get into a pattern I’ve found it quite enjoyable. It has helped me sleep and I wake up feeling less tired. I noticed a massive difference in how I felt in about a week.I have more energy and focus and it wasn’t difficult.

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