Strictly Come Dancing is back at long last!

That means that your chance to get tickets and be in the audience for the show is also back!

We all want to be one of those people clapping out of time with the music while our favourite celebrity couple dances their way to a bunch of sevennnssss, right?

Well, here’s exactly how you could get Strictly Come Dancing audience tickets for 2018!

Strictly Come Dancing 2018

How to Get Tickets for Strictly Come Dancing

There is no official site to get audience tickets for Strictly Come Dancing – if you Google it, you’ll probably get links to Stub Hub and the likes.

These are links to buy tickets for the live touring show in various arenas, not for the audience tickets to see the actual show.

To get audience tickets, you’ll need to enter the BBC ballot to be in with a chance of getting tickets.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of luck involved as it is a blind draw to see who gets them. However, you can try and get yourself first in line in the queue for the ballot by signing up for their shows email and selecting ‘entertainment’ as an interest.

You can do that by heading to this very link: BBC Mailing List

Strictly Come Dancing 2018

How Much do Strictly Tickets Cost?

Here’s the really great part: they are completely free!

You won’t have to pay a single penny for the tickets, but that is providing you are lucky enough to actually get tickets, of course.

If you are, you’ll be able to see these two lovely hosts presenting their show while you continue to tap your feet out of rhythm like we all do at home anyway.

Strictly Come Dancing 2018

What Other Strictly Tickets Are There?

As mentioned a little further up in this article, you can also get tickets to the live touring show.

This show is called Strictly Come Dancing – The Professionals and all dates will be in 2019. They will be touring pretty much the entire country, from Bournemouth to Nottingham to Manchester and everything in between.

So, if you feel like you’re going to need a bit more Strictly after this season finishes, that tour will be perfect for you.

Strictly Come Dancing 2018


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