BBC series The Greatest Dancer is striking up a lot of talking points on social media.

Many have slammed the show of its same-same format (how many dancing shows do we need) while others have found the series ticking all the boxes in entertainment and raw emotion.

A key talking point has been receptionist Amelia Wilson, who welcomes dancers upon their rival. However, much like Tom from Celebs Go Dating, we have a bunch of probing questions about this so-called role.

For starters, is it real?

Receptionist - Amelia Wilson - (C) Syco/Thames - Photographer: Tom Dymond
Receptionist – Amelia Wilson – (C) Syco/Thames – Photographer: Tom Dymond

Who is The Greatest Dancer Receptionist?

The Greatest Dancer receptionist is called Amelia Wilson.

Amelia works for production company Thames TV, who happen to produce The Greatest Dancer.

Her role with Thames TV includes development research and assisting with the production of shows.

She probably didn’t realise that ‘assistance’ included pretending to be a receptionist when she signed up for the job though!

Is the Role Real?


To be fair, almost all reality TV jobs like these don’t exactly exist. While Celebs Go Dating is set in a real agency, even receptionist Tom Read Wilson is an actor.

There’s no doubt that Amelia is simply fulfilling the role as a receptionist for filming purposes.

In fact, eagle-eyed fans on Twitter realised that Amelia didn’t even turn her laptop on while checking in guest during episode 1.

Then again, Amelia did actually have to change the water in a heavy five-gallon dispenser.

Talk about commitment to the cause!

Is Amelia Wilson on Social Media!


Although we have tried every possible method to track down Amelia on social media, she clearly wants to keep her real life and ‘receptionist’ life separate for now.

It’s that, or she is actually Katy Perry in disguise and will surprise us all with an audition in the final episode…

Screen Shot: The Greatest Dancer
Screen Shot: The Greatest Dancer


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