Jake and Chau's relationship explored: Meet the World of Dance stars!

World of Dance is back on NBC this summer for its fourth season. With the competition heating up, fans are struggling to figure out who will claim this year’s prize.

The dance competition returned to NBC with the audition stage on Tuesday, May 26th. Although they didn’t make it to the final – which airs on Wednesday, August 12th – fans want to find out more about contemporary dance duo Jake and Chau.

Jake and Chau have consistently impressed throughout the competition and although their semi-final performance gave judge Jennifer Lopez “goosebumps,” it was not enough to carry them over the final hurdle.

But what is the relationship between Jake and Chau? With such chemistry when they perform, World of Dance viewers have been questioning the duo. Find out about Jake and Chau here!

Screenshot: Jake & Chau Dance to “Say You Love Me” by Jessie Ware – World of Dance The Semi-Finals 2020 – NBC YouTube

Jake and Chau: Ages

Jake Mcauley is an 18-year-old dancer from Elk Grove, California.

A.T. Chau, who is also from the Bay Area, is two years older than Jake. Chau is 20 years old.


Chau started dancing at the age of 3, beginning with tap before moving into contemporary. Jake was slightly behind Chau, beginning hip hop dance classes at the age of 8.

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What is Jake and Chau’s relationship?

Jake and Chau’s relationship is strictly professional, so even though they perform romantic and chemistry-full routines, they are just terrific dancers!

They first became aware of one another in their teens when they were competing at a San Jose competition. Jake and Chau would face off against each other as individuals and with their dance studios. Seeing and acknowledging their respective talents, choreographers began pairing them for exhibition performances.

When both dancers moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams, they decided to get together and sign up for World of Dance. They were led under the guidance of Chau’s choreographer Tawnya Kuzia.

Jake and Chau on World of Dance

The fact that Jake and Chau did not make it to the grand finale came as a real shock to World of Dance viewers. This is largely because their semi-final performance scored higher than any semi-finals performers up to that point, including the two acts that had advanced to the World Final in the first semi-final, Jefferson y Adrianita and Geometrie Variable.

Many World of Dance fans even claimed that Jake and Chau’s crown had been robbed.

But Jake and Chau fans needn’t worry, as it looks like their duo will continue. Speaking to The Mercury News, Jake said:

We love creating together. I don’t want our duo to end.




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