It’s no secret that Katy Perry enjoys a good time and having a laugh. On American Idol Katy Perry will Swish Swish her moves, throw a few compliments, and enjoy the flirty moments.

Even though the singer’s flirty moments with contestants is solely for entertainment, it is still fun for the viewers at home to see the interactions.

Reality Titbit has put together the moments when Katy Perry had fun with her contestants and even went as far as kissing one of them. Keep reading to find out.

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Nick Merico

In this particular audition, Katy developed a platonic crush on Nick Merico. Before the contestant could introduce himself, Katy was already at a loss for words for the “handsome gentleman”.

After his performance of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black and the judges’ evaluation, Katy did not hold back on her thoughts.

Flattered, the two exchanged a flirty conversation until the judges’ decision led him to hand him a golden ticket take and took him straight to Hollywood.

Funny enough, Nick admitted to having had a crush on the singer “forever”. Participating in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth series of Idol, the singer managed to secure a spot in the top 10.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo and Katy Perry recreate the first soap opera scene in American Idol. The contestant opted to sing a romantic Spanish ballad, which had Katy flustered and feeling seduced.

The then 26-year-old singer sang Luis Miguel’s Bésame Mucho, which had Katy fanning herself throughout the whole of his performance.

The two exchanged a funny and flirty conversation that left the rest of their judges laughing, Juan Pablo included.

“Juan Pablo, don’t tell Orlando, just take me with you,” Katy joked. At the end of the judges’ evaluations, Juan Pablo was given a golden ticket but did not make it past the third week.

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Cade Foehner

It must’ve been Cade’s long hair that had Katy all over the moon. She couldn’t control herself, literally. At the end of his performance, Katy had to be held by Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie as she completely lost it.

As she took off her sparkly jacket, Katy told Cade: “You can preach to me anytime you want”, pretending that she had passed out after his outstanding rock and roll performance.

However, Cade had already a girlfriend who turned out to be fellow contestant Gabby Barret, which left Katy heartbroken once she learned about the news.

Nonetheless, the singer made it to the top 5 contestants of the sixteenth season.

Trevor Holmes

Katy does not hold back when it comes to spotting a hottie. And this time she seemed to have been really starstruck by Trevor Holmes.

His handsome looks and voice had the judges in awe, but especially Katy who couldn’t keep her eyes off him as soon as the 27-year-old Californian entered the audition room.

As he was introducing himself, she interrupted Trevor by saying “you are so hot” and “only hot guys are typically named Trevor”, which left Trevor shocked as he then confessed to having a crush on the pop star since childhood.

After being handed the golden ticket, his girlfriend ran to the audition stage and kissed him while Katy stood up there awkwardly looking at the couple.

Despite being a very popular contestant, Trevor did not make it into the top 24 and was eliminated. However, he made an appearance during the finale of the sixteenth season.

Their interaction has been played over 50 million times, which is a record. See it for yourself.

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Benjamin Glaze

The only time Katy Perry exchanged more than flirty words was when she kissed Benjamin Glaze, who was 19 at the time of his audition.

Before his performance had even started, Benjamin confessed that he had never kissed a girl before. To Katy’s surprise, the singer offered to be his first by kissing Benjamin on the cheek. Shortly after, to the surprise of everyone, she turned her head so they kissed on the lips.

After the infamous kiss and unforgettable moment, Benjamin still managed to perform his song but unfortunately did not pass the audition.

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