As Making It returned to our screens for a third season on June 24th, fans have been asking lots of questions – especially about the set itself.

The competition series brings to the screen eight artists who are skilled with using their fingers, to turn imagination into a real-life piece of work.

While they battle to win the cash prize, and be crowned the Making It season three winner, viewers’ eyes caught the filming location.

We’re here to answer all your set related questions, such as, where is the show located? And, what challenges did the set design team face?

Where was Making It season 3 filmed?

This competition show was filmed in Malibu.

Though many game shows are filmed in Hollywood, set designer, James Connelly told House Beautiful:

We wanted it to feel relatable to the rest of the country. Not every place has palm trees, you know? With all of the beautiful oaks and lush grass, it felt like we were in Ohio, even though it was California.

Many avid fans are absolutely in love with the location for Making It – it really gives off an arts-and-crafts vibe!

Challenges about the location

James and his team built an 85-foot by 50-foot barn, which is the backdrop that viewers usually see behind the makers.

Though the location for the show fit perfectly, the set design team did face challenges along the way. The ground that they had chosen has a 30-degree slope that made it difficult to build around.

In addition, the huge barn they were set to create also needed to be equipped with full studio lighting without bulky support beams that would block the cameras shot.

Somehow though, the design team managed to overcome these two major dilemmas and create the rustic set that we know and love.

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Amy and Nick on Making It

Amy Poehler has made it no secret that she knows very little on crafts. She has said in interviews that she wants to represent the viewer who has an interest and admiration in it but no idea how to create it.

Nick Offerman, on the other hand, surprised some viewers when they found out that the actor and comedian, from the well-known TV series “Parks and Recreation,” is actually also an accomplished woodworker – in fact, he runs a professional shop in LA!

Some did not realise until the show, but Nick has written several books that touch on his woodworking, including best-selling novel “Good Clean Fun.”



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