McTerrier is one of 2022’s The Masked Singer performers, but judge Nicole Scherzinger was left in shock when the contestant’s head mask fell completely off, leaving them asking: “What do I do?”

In perhaps the first time in the FOX show’s history, the mystery surrounding each performer has actually been revealed before the usual audience chanting of “take it off” has begun to echo around the stadium.

The season premiere shows McTerrier slipping and falling over on stage, in a dramatic first episode. Their identity is then exposed and shown to both the judges and the live crowd… Yikes.

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McTerrier’s mask suddenly falls off

During the season 7 launch of The Masked Singer, which aired on FOX on March 9th 2022, McTerrier takes to the stage in his Scottish-inspired outfit. With several dancers behind them, they do a shake near the audience.

Judge Jenny McCarthy suddenly notices that McTerrier seems uneasy, and shouts: “Oh my god, he’s going to fall!” The performer then tries to grab hold of their head mask, which falls off their head as they cover their hair.

Turning away from the audience and judges, Jenny adds that “his mask just fell off”, while comedian and judge Ken Jeong reacts with “oh my goodness.” Nicole is told to “turn around” as she stands there with her mouth open.

The head mask is left at the front of the stage, while McTerrier asks: “What do I do? What do I do?” The dancers appear to be scurrying off the stage with wheelbarrows, while the audience stare at the stage in utter shock.

Theories about McTerrier’s identity: Spoilers

There have been varied guesses regarding McTerrier’s identity, but most have been led to think there is a male behind the mask following the reveal. Most have placed their bets on the contestant being former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The clues about McTerrier so far include: he plays the drums, has a link to Scotland, made a “Best in Show” reference and has a blue electric guitar with a union jack sticker on it.

One fan wrote: “Come on, it has to be Sam Heughan. He starred in a musical of Batman.

Other guesses involve musician Lewis Capaldi, YouTuber Jacksepticeye (due to the Union Jack flag) and professional Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre. They all have links to Scotland, and Lewis does actually play the drums.

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Fans react to The Masked Singer reveal

It isn’t the first time a contestant has been revealed by accident. The Australian version of The Masked Singer reportedly had a similar scenario with one of its performers!

One fan reacted: “To be honest, I was wondering when something like this was finally gonna happen.”

Another said: “Wow! Never seen that coming?! 1st year that I’ve seen someone else fell off mask head. Poor due. I felt bad for him. Hope he still continues.”

Many questioned why nobody helped, while others hope the performer doesn’t get disqualified. “That’s a shock, poor guy wasn’t expecting his mask to fall off. Hope he doesn’t get disqualified. Someone please help him!”, reacted a viewer.



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