Where are MDC 3 now? World of Dance 2020 winners on Instagram

World of Dance 2020 has been one of the talent competition’s toughest years to date. 

The grand finale occurred on Wednesday, August 12th, seeing the final four dance acts face off against one another on the circle stage.

Making it to the final were MDC 3, Oxygen, Jefferson y Adrianita, and Géométrie Variable. Although it was a close contest, contemporary dance group MDC 3 took home the grand prize of $1,000,000!

For all those MDC 3 fans out there, we have updates on where the dance group are now post-win. Find out about the World of Dance 2020 winners here.

Screenshot: MDC 3 Dances to “I Surrender” by Céline Dion – World of Dance YouTube

MDC 3 on World of Dance

MDC 3 are a contemporary dance group from Placentia, California comprised of three dancers. Usually for this style of dance, they either choreograph duos or groups. Having three dancers in MDC 3 gives them a unique storytelling ability, as they each take on a character through dance.

They were the only Junior Division act to make it to the finale.

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MDC 3 broke the standing World of Dance record in the final, becoming the first contemporary dance group to take the win after three back-to-back wins for Hip-Hop groups.

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MDC 3: Members

  • Madison Smith
  • Emma Mather
  • Diego Pasillas

The contemporary dance group was formed by world-renowned choreographer Shannon Mather, who owns the Mather Dance Company.

Shannon Mather’s company trains pre-professional dancers from ages 5 to 18. This results in some pretty elite dancers, which is pretty apparent from the skills of Madison, Emma, and Diego.

To top it all off, all three of the MDC 3 members are under 18 years old. Now, that’s some serious talent at a young age! Diego and Madison are 17 years old, while Emma is the youngest at 15.

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Follow MDC 3 on Instagram

To keep up to date with the latest on the dance trio, you can follow them on Instagram. They have an official MDC 3 page under the handle @mdc3official where already they have over 29,000 followers.

You can also find the dancers individually:



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