Season 19 of American Idol kicked off on Valentine’s Day 2021 with a participant set to swoon its viewers. Turns out, Benson Boone already has a following on TikTok. Get to know the teen here!

The first episode of American Idol auditions premiered on Sunday 14th February and one particular contender has caught the eye of online viewers.

He is called Benson Boone and many viewers at home want to know more about the reality star.

*Spoiler alert* College student Benson Boone wowed the judges with his rendition of Punchline by Aidan Martin. while playing the piano. He received a golden ticket, meaning that he will proceed onto the next round in Hollywood.

Meet Benson Boone

The 18-year-old student is from Monroe, Washington. According to his audition, he was never much of a singer and only picked it up a year ago, when he realised the potential of his voice.

After his audition, Katy Perry commented that the viewers will definitely swoon over him and can picture the 18-year-old winning the competition.

Benson already has a headstart as he turns out to have a decent following on TikTok. Judging by his content, he has won his 1.3 million fans over by serenading them.


sorry I’m obsessed with this song #fyp #foryou #singing

♬ original sound – Benson

Born on June 25 2002, his other content includes funny challenges which reveal his playful and relaxed personality. His scenic Instagram uploads also tells us that he enjoys travelling and being outdoors, especially swimming.

From this TikTok, we can assume Benson is currently a single man:

Twitter reacts to Benson Boone

Twitter users who aren’t Benson’s TikTok fans are already calling him as the winner of season 19.

Both judges Luke Bryan and Katy Perry gave the heart-throb a shoutout and we think he’s a Katy favourite because she posted many tweets about him.

We wish Benson the best of luck on his American Idol journey!

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