Jinkx Monsoon is showcasing their talents yet again, but this time on Drag Race All Stars’ latest season. The biggest question on viewers’ minds right now is just who the queen is married to back home – and they are totally cute.

Although they are a sassy drag queen on the stage, the Paramount+ star is actually quite lowkey when it comes to their relationship. Jinkx happily shows husband Michael Abbott off, but they got married in their living room in 2021.

So, let’s get to know Michael properly, from his age to what he does for a living. We learned the ins-and-outs of how the couple first met and just how they came to tie the knot at home instead of an extravagant venue.

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Meet Jinkx Monsoon’s husband

Jinkx is married to Michael Abbott, who is from Manchester. He works as an audio producer, and just like his Drag Race beau, is also a performer. Although they live together in Portland, Oregon, he often travels back to the UK city.

According to his IMDb, Michael has worked in the sound department of projects like The Voice, the Grammy Awards, the SAG Awards, RoseanneWheel of Fortune, and more. On Instagram, he describes himself as a musician.

The 25-year-old is also a singer-songwriter. From March until October 2020, Jinkx and Michael were faced with a travel ban and had to go at least eight months without seeing each other in person.

Jinkx and Michael’s wedding

In January 2021, Hoffer married their partner Michael Abbott in a small ceremony at home with their friends and family witnessing through video call. The marriage was officiated by comedian Deven Green.

It was during the lockdown that the ceremony took place in their Portland, Oregon home, with the room covered in fairy lights. The each wore suits and shared a kiss, as shared on Jinkx’ Instagram, as part of their “perfect day”.

The couple even built headgear to wear so that Deven could be an animated android, as per Out. Jinkx and Michael exchanged rings and participated in a handfasting ceremony, which involved tying rope to symbolize their union.

Their relationship timeline

Jinkx and Michael became a couple in March 2019. They first met at at Kiki, a club in Manchester, England, where Michael worked as a bartender at the time. Jinkx originally had plans to go out with a fellow drag queen.

However, the drag queen “ghosted” them, as per NY Times, so they decided to go out alone. When they started speaking, Michael had never heard of Drag Race or even Jinkx Monsoon for that matter.

After work, they went to hang out in Jinkx’s hotel room, where the two stayed up all night talking. Michael started playing songs on the ukulele, and the pair soon hit things off romantically.

However, they had only two weeks before Jinkx’s U.K. tour was over, and neither was sure that anything serious was possible. Despite the difficulties, they decided to have a long-distance relationship, and the rest is history.