RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 4 has finally unveiled its sassy, fun and incredibly talented queens, and we tracked them down on Instagram. Their social media pages are full of colour, providing a hint of what’s to come this season.

Following the popularity of previous UK-based seasons, RuPaul is back to see which queen has the potential to impress her the most. The queens will be lip-syncing, taking part in acting challenges and performing to their heart’s content.

Meet the season 4 queens on Instagram…

Le Fil wears purple wing outfit on RuPaul's Drag Race UK and holds hands out.
Screenshot: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Season 4, Meet The Queens, BBC

Danny Beard

From Liverpool, Danny, 29, is the first bearded queen on Drag Race UK. “Don’t shave it, save it” is the queen’s quote. Describing themselves as “a looks queen, a mogul, an influenza”, they throw the rulebook out the window.

Mixing club kid aesthetic with old school drag-style performance, the singer “mashes it together and rams it down people’s throats.” Danny wants to show the world their whole self.

Instagram: @thedannybeard


Baby, 25, from London, is a self-acclaimed cutie. They describe their drag as “pretty, punk and very Black”, often playing with the ideas of Black culture. The “bad ass” performer loves a Prosecco brunch!

They studied musical theatre, and does singing and acting on the daily. Giving art, Baby wants the public to see why people are talking about them, and why they have the “reputation they have.”

Instagram: @bby.ldn

Jonbers Blonde

The 33-year-old Belfast queen Jonbers Blonde has been doing drag for 14 years. Putting themselves in the fashion category, they have been a fashion editor for several magazines and walked multiple catwalks in their time.

East-London royalty, they have worked with Melanie C, Nadine Coyle, Sam Smith, and Years and Years. The self-acclaimed “high fashion pig” loves being fierce on the floor.

For their show, the queen says the audience will see a lot of movement – and they’re keen to win the crown!

Instagram: @jonbersblonde

Cheddar Gorgeous

“Living spectacle, cultural icon and of course, the queen bee of Manchester.” Cheddar says their drag name references the British landmark Cheddar Gorge, and believes they are well-known for their club, TV and cabaret performances.

Having travelled from the United States to Singapore, the queen describes themselves as “pretty unique” and claims to be the first contestant with a doctorate. With a long career behind them, they like to push their boundaries often.

Instagram: @cheddar_gorgeous

Just May

Essex-born Just May is the world’s premiere Geri Halliwell impersonator, AKA Ginger Spice. With Viking queen Boudica evident in their flamboyant outfits, they are ready to conquer the competition!

Instagram: @justmaydoes


Starlet is a 25-year-old contestant from Surrey who sees themselves as a “living walking vintage movie star.”

“My look is about exuding the vintage beauty and glamour of the silver screen. I’m a beautiful, young rising star of Hollywood and all eyes are on me,” the star revealed on her Meet The Queens intro.

Instagram: @itsstarlet

Black Peppa

Black Peppa, a 29-year-old Birmingham drag queen, always carries hot sauce in their bag.

They revealed to BBC: “Back when I was growing up in the Caribbean, my mum always grew chillies in her garden and she made her own homemade hot pepper sauce, so I decided to call myself Black Pepper.”

Instagram: @iamblackpeppa

Coppa Top Queen

The ‘Feel Good Ginger’ of drag, Coppa Top Queen is a singer and actor who plays ’Frieda’ at Gala Bingo.

They can even do the splits!

Instagram: @coppertoppqueen

Dakota Schiffer

Dakota is a 22-year-old Sussex queen who says their “drag is a love letter to the ’60s and the ’90s.” Tate in Valley of the Dolls is her total style icon!

Instagram: @dakota_schiffer

Sminty Drop

From Lancashire, Sminty Drop is a “sexy cyber supermodel from outer space”. The 23-year-old works closely with Array Models and describes their look as Anna Faris in The House Bunny mixed with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body.

Instagram: @smintydrop

Le Fil

Yorkshire resident Le Fil, 36, provides a total arts show during their performances.

“A typical Le Fil show is a full on epic pop performance meets fashion and art installation with my own songs, live vocals, my own band, and backing dancers. I call my gigs ‘pop sculptures with extras”, they told BBC.

Instagram: @iamlefil

Pixie Polite

Brighton-born Pixie Polite, 29, sings, dances and acts, as well as does comedy and hosts shows! They revealed: “I’m a many tricked cow of the camp variety. I’m hoping that I can stand out from the crowd in this competition.”

Instagram: pixiepolite



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